Monday, December 3, 2012

Game the First: Fine Eyes

Miss Bingley: I believe I can guess your thoughts at this moment.
Mr. Darcy: I should imagine not.
Miss Bingley: You are thinking how insupportable it would be to spend many evenings in such tedious 
Mr. Darcy: No, indeed, my mind was more agreeably engaged. I have been meditating on the very great 
pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow.
Miss Bingley: And may one dare ask whose the eyes that inspired these reflections?
Mr. Darcy: Miss Elizabeth Bennet's.
Miss Bingley: Miss Elizabeth Bennet? ...I am all astonishment!
~Episode Two

This game, inspired by one that Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm hosted a while back, will test your expertise in the area of eyes.  Below, you will find ten screencaps from the film... and they're all eyes.  Your job is to identify the P&P95 character possessing each pair of eyes.  Leave your answers in a comment--whoever gives the most correct answers will be declared the winner!  The game will last until Friday, December 7th.  Winners will be announced Saturday, December 8th.

(My apologies for the low quality of some of the pictures--I was cropping tiny bits and blowing them up much larger!)











Happy guessing!  We intend to post a new game each Monday, so don't forget to come back again! :D


Anne-girl said...

1. Lydia
2. Jane
3. Mr. Bennet
4. Maria
5. Kitty
7. Lizzy
8. Anne De bourgh?
9. Mr. Darcy
10. Wickham

Melody said...

Oh, yikes. Me no do good at theese game. Heh. But I shall try.

1. Lydia, heehee
2. Hmm. It's not Lady Catherine, is it?
3. Mr. Gardiner
4. Ugh, blurriness... maybe Mrs. Bennet?
6. Okay, this is Georgiana. :D
7. Errr... maybe Mr. Bingley? Wait, are his eyes blue or are they green? Maybe not...
8. Uhhh... Miss Bingley? o.O I told you I no do good at this game.
9. Meestuh Dahcy, I think.
10. Wicked Wickham

So there you go. *winces*

Katy-Anne said...

How fun!

1. Lydia
2. Lady Catherine?
3. Mr. Bennet. Of course.
5. Mary
7. Bingley
8. Miss Caroline Bingley
9. Mr. Darcy?
10. Wickham

Miss Dashwood said...

Everyone--forgot to say that one point is awarded for each correct answer. :D

You have 3 points! Unfortunately your guesses for 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 were incorrect. Feel free to guess again on any of those, or try for #6!

Heh... I think it's harder than I thought 'twould be. :P You have 5 points-- the ones you missed were 2, 4, 7, and 8. And you didn't guess on 5... was that intentional? Try again if you like!

You have 4 points! Unfortunately your guesses for 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 were all incorrect. Do feel free to try again!

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh, and Katy-Anne, feel free to try for #4 too!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Oooh! Game!

1. Lydia Bennet
2. Mrs. Gardiner? The eyes look rather like Joanna David's.
3. Mr. Bennet
4. Maria Lucas?? can't quite figure this one out.
5. Mary Bennet?
6. Jane Bennet
7. Mr. Bingley
8. Mr. Hurst or Captain Denny?? I can't figure this one out.
9. Mr. Darcy
10. Mr. Wickham - smiling!

P.S. You're so sweet to link to me! :)

Anonymous said...

1. Lizzy
2. Mrs Gardiner
3. Mr Bennet
4. Hill
5. Mr. Bingley
6. Jane
7. Lydia?
8. Caroline
9. Mr. Darcy
10. Mr. Wickham

- P&P95 Fan

Miss Dashwood said...

Miss Laurie,
You have 5 points! The ones you missed were 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8. Feel free to try again on any or all of those!
And thank YOU for the inspiration for this game-- though I think I might have made it a bit too difficult. Oops. :P

P&P95 Fan,
You have 3 points! You missed #1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Try again if you like, you may comment as many times as you wish until Friday!

Livia Rachelle said...

2.Mrs. Gardiner
3.Mr. Gardiner
4. Charlotte?
5. Is it Bingley
8. Miss Bingley
9. Darcy
10. Wicked Mr. Wicked

Anonymous said...

1. Lydia
2. Mrs Gardiner
3. Mr Gardiner
4. Hill
5. Mary
6. Georgiana
7. Kitty
8. Lady Lucas
9. Mr Darcy
10. Mr. Wickham


Emily said...

Here are my guesses:

1- Lydia Bennet
2- Mrs. Gardiner
3- Mr. Bennet
5- Mr. Bingley
6- Maria Lucas
8- The Maid (Sarah?)
9- Mr. Darcy
10- Mr. Wickham

That was fun, thanks!

Miss Dashwood said...

Livia Rachelle,
You have 6 points! The ones you missed were 4, 5, 7 and 8.

Congratulations, you have 9 points! The only one you missed was #8.

You have five points-- and congratulations on getting the name right for #8! The ones you missed were 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Melody said...

I SHALL conquer this. I SHALL.

I must. :P

Yep, the non-guess on 5 was intentional. But it MMTO Kitty, so I'll just say that. :P But I am not at all convinced.

Very stupid answer I said on 7. But I do not know who it is. :P

2. Mrs. Gardiner? That was actually my first guess... my other one was stupid too. :P

Are any of these more obscure characters, by any chance?

Anonymous said...

#8 - Lizzy?

(this is my second attempt)


Anonymous said...

I put in a second attempt on #8 saying it was Lizzy but I want to change my guess and say that it is Sara, the maid doing Lizzy's hair before the ball. :-)


BatZion said...

Hi Miss Dashwood,

Here are my guesses for this quiz... I have to admit it's trickier than I first thought, but really thought-provoking! :)

#1: Lydia Bennet
#2: Aunt Gardiner
#3: Mr. Bennet
#4: Maria Lucas?
#5: Mr. Bingley
#6: Lydia Bennet
#7: Kitty Bennet?
#8: Caroline Bingley
#9: Mr. Darcy
#10: Mr. Wickham

Miss Dashwood said...

Ma cherie Melodie,
:P (yes, I only called you that to annoooooooy you)
Your new answers on 5 and 2 are correct, so you now have 7 points. And yes, I'm afraid these characters DO tend to be more obscure-- I was afraid if I used just main characters 'twould be too easy, but I see I was mistooken. :P

Your third guess on 8 is correct, bringing you to the full 10 points! Congratulations!

You have 4 points. The ones you missed were 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Try again as many times as you like (until Friday)!

BatZion said...

Here my re-attempts at guessing these fine eyes... :)

#3: Uncle Gardiner
#4: Charlotte Lucas
#7: Kitty Bennet
#8: Lizzy Bennet

Melody said...

What exactly does 'cherie' mean, anyway? I am always too lazy to look it up. :P
Obscure... obscure... #4 isn't Hill the housekeeper, by any chance, is it?

Miss Dashwood said...

Your guess for #3 was correct, so you now have 5 points! Unfortunately your guesses for 4, 7 and 8 are still incorrect.

It's French for "dear." :D And yes, your guess for #4 is correct, which brings you to 8 points!

BatZion said...

Last guess:
#6: Georgiana Darcy

I'm looking forward to finding out who these mysterious eyes belong to! :)

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Oh, this is going to be such fun!!!!

1. Lydia
2. Colonel Fitzwilliam
3. Mr. Bennet
4. Mrs. Philips?
5. Kitty
6. Mr. Collins
7. Charlotte?
8. Miss Bingley
9. Mr. Darcy
10. Mr. Wickham

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I've awarded you two the artsy award at my blog, because this blog is simply adorable!

Miss Dashwood said...

Your new guess for #6 is correct-- you now have 6 points!

Miss Melody Muffin,
(Thanks for awarding us!)
You have 4 poins-- unfortunately your guesses for 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 were all incorrect.

Miss Dashwood said...

A big thank you to everyone who participated! This game is now closed. Winners (and answers) will be revealed on Saturday, December 8th!