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The fun continues!  Visit these pages to find more fascinating tidbits about P&P.
  • Actors - Find out more about the people who played your favorite roles in P&P.  We've included lists of the other period dramas these actors have been in as well. 
  • Captioned Pictures - See the winners of our frequent caption contests.
  • Dances - We know that every savage can dance, but it's still fun to learn a bit more about the dances in P&P.
  • Links - Find more Jane Austen and P&P-themed websites!
  • Locations - Did you ever wonder about the real places where P&P was filmed?
  • Music - Listen to the soundtrack and learn more about the individual pieces.
  • Quotes - "And he has FIVE THOUSAND a-year!"
  • Quiz: Which P&P Miss Are You? - A fun personality quiz put together by Miss Marianne.
  • Screencaps - Hundreds of high-quality photos from the miniseries.
  • Trivia - Just how did they film that infamous lake scene, anyway?
  • Videos - Fan videos and trailers.
  • Three Things You Ought To Know About P&P - Because everybody ought to know these things.  Yes, thank you, Mary.


Abilaine said...

Question for Miss Dashwood and Miss Marianne -

Do you think you could create a P&P fan-art contest?? Or (better yet) let them go by themselves, for Mr. Bingley might like you ... OH WAIT! Sorry. :D

Or better yet add a page where serious fans could donate their P&P fan-art to the club?!!


Erika said...

Read the headline. Then read the comments. The comments are proof that '95 is the world's favorite.