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How I Met P&P95: Miss Darcy

And here is another story from a member of our club who goes by Miss Darcy. :)

Firstly, I must say that was I very, VERY glad I met with P&P95! :)

My story starts when I was about eight or nine years old. I had never read a great deal (as a pastime), and I think Jane Austen's books had a part in inspiring me to read more for pleasure.

I had never read the book Pride & Prejudice, but I had heard of it and knew that Jane Austen wrote it. It wasn’t until one time when my Mum bought the first part of P&P95 at a sale or something and watched it with us.  I sort-of watched it then out of mere interest, but then I got to like it. I’m not quite sure what appealed to me at the time, maybe it was that I liked Mr. Darcy, or Lizzy, or that I thought Mr. Collins was funny and Mary stupid – I don’t know! But then, (we only had Episodes 1-3 at the time) I knew enough to know that Elizabeth had to marry Mr. Darcy, so I just couldn’t let it end like that! After we watched episodes 1-3, Mum read out the book where Episode 3 left off....And Mr. Darcy’s letter was most interesting......

Once we got the second part, I was really eager to keep watching, and my expectations were not let down! I then had to read the book, of course, and I enjoyed it very much. After that I sought other books by Jane Austen. I found  Emma at the library, and Mum bought a copy of Sense & Sensibility (which, obviously, I have read) and watching three versions of the former and two of the latter. P&P95 is one of my favourite movies, and Jane Austen is now my favourite author. Mum acquired  both the paperback and kindle versions of Northanger Abbey and a kindle version of Mansfield Park. I am reading both at the moment, and I am greatly enjoying both. I am certain P&P95 will remain a firm favourite for a long time to come!

You can visit Miss Darcy at her blog, Jane Austen & Her Kind.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Game the Thirty-Third: P&P Headline Acronyms

This week's game is based on one I played recently at the historical house where I volunteer.  The game I played featured a list of fake headlines heralding major events in history, along with the year in which the event took place.  The player's object was to guess the content headline-- a difficult task at times, as the headline was written in acronym form (that is, only the first letter of each word).  So "R.M. S. T. S. on M. V." (1912) translated to "Royal Mail Steamer Titanic Sinks on Maiden Voyage," an event that happened in 1912.  Our game this week follows a similar pattern, except the fake "headlines" are all events from P&P95, and instead of years we have episodes.  (Because everything took place in 1813-1814, and I just thought telling you the episode would make things a little easier.  Obviously, the headlines are NOT in chronological order.) Comment with your best guess as to what each acronym stands for, and the winner will be announced on Saturday!

S. Y. G. M. to N. (Episode 1)

G. W.'s D. P. B. to L. (Episode 4)

J. B. C. T. C. (Episode 1)

L. B. E. W. G. W. (Episode 5)

C. L. A. M. C.'s P. of M. (Episode 3)

M. C. P. to E. B. & I. R. (Episode 2)

F. D. C. E. B. "T., B. N. H. E. to T. M." (Episode 1)

L. B. W. to G. to B. (Episode 4)

F. D. M. E. B. & C. B. M. J. B. in D. W. (Episode 6)

F. D.'s P. of M. to E. B. I. R. (Episode 3)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Caption Contest {11} Winner!

Thank you, Katy-Anne, for inventing the winning caption! :)

See you Monday.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How I Met P&P95: Rachel Olivia

This week we will be hearing the story of how Rachel Olivia (Rose Petals and Faerie Dust) met P&P95.  (Sorry the last two weeks were neglected, folks! I am determined to be more consistent.)

Note: This story was received on the Fifth of July, so please keep that in mind when any time references are made. :)

My introduction to P&P95 was my first introduction to Jane Austen period.
Some of our friends the M’s mentioned the ’95 S&S when I was about 13 (about a decade ago), but we rarely watched any movies then. By rarely I mean only Veggie Tales, some Disney movies, other animated films (Thumblina, Swan Princess maybe), and the occasional real-people-movie (the ‘80’s Heidi and ‘60’s Hans Brinker are all that come to mind at the moment).  We had not reached grown up classics in reading at this point either.
The sister after me watched it with some acquaintances when I was about 14 and within a year-ish after that the M’s brought their taped-from-the-television-copy over to a sleep over. We watched part of it at night and part in the morning.
Shortly after, my mom borrowed Pride and Prejudice from the library for us. The same friends introduced us to the CiarĂ¡n Hinds Persuasion, the Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet Sense and Sensibility, and the Kate Beckinsale Emma. I received the entire Jane Austen finished works (seven novels) for Christmas when I was 16 or 17. I have read them all plus some of her juvenilia and her two unfinished drafts The Watsons and Sanditon (kill me now, I know that the hero in this one could have been one of her best even though he wasn’t even introduced yet). I have attended three Jane Austen festivals in our area and will attend a 4th in the next two weeks. So, needless to say I greatly enjoy Jane Austen’s works, period drama films, and the Regency time period, but DON’T call me a Janeite or Austenite. I think it is sooo silly and limiting.
I have since seen the 2008-ish Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion. I will admit to seeing and enjoying…as. a. movie…the 2005NOTP&P, but it hardly bothers me (compared to my raised hackles over the Emma triumvirate) since it is so very much NOT Pride and Prejudice that it cannot seriously be considered a rival…just a poorly done more-of-a-chick-flick-than-period-drama film.
Here are my favorites besides the REAL Pride and Prejudice: the REAL Emma (or MY Emma as I call it) with Mark Strong and Kate Beckinsale, and I am likely one of maybe 10 people in the world that prefers this version (I can enjoy the 2009 Emma but I HATE Emma herself; however I cannot enjoy the Gweneth Paltrow version), the Persuasion with Rupert Penry-Jones (I admit the this has flaws such as seasick making camera work, but he is AMAZING and the film blends both her original, discarded ending with her final, published ending), and the ’95 S&S (I can enjoy the newer one and prefer that Elinor and Edward because they are younger like they are supposed to be and Edward is sooo handsome and not awkward like the other one, but Marianne was poorly acted and Willoughby looked like a blackguard-also, and this is a big pet peeve-it was too modern feeling).

Side note: During breakfast of the famous sleep over we discussed how awful Lydia was…and my then quite annoying 7ish year old little sister Lydia turned purple. We assured her that we were not discussing her. I promise you she was never, ever like THAT Lydia, and she now is about my age when I first watched it and quite enjoys the Jane Austen films and books herself (she emphatically prefers the 2009 Emma above the other Emma’s and is madly in love with that Mr. Knightley…so even my sisters aren’t on my side about Emma)!

Back to me (Miss Marianne). Thank you, Rachel Olivia! Although I must put a disclaimer or two on behalf of myself and the Club--I, for one, am an unashamed Janeite and don't think it is silly at all, and as for being limiting, I'm sure we all understand that one can be a Janeite and still be fans of other things. (Though for myself, it goes above and beyond all others.) But far be it from me to call anybody a Janeite who does not actually feel themselves to be one! ;)
And we are not one of the ten who prefer the 1996 A&E Emma, as we find 2009 practically perfect in every way.  But I do like the "brown-haired Emma" in its way. (Not Mark Strong, though. :P) It has some unique elements to offer which none of the other adaptations captured.

If you're interested in participating in this blog series, you can read about it here.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Scramble Words Game: Answers

Original game here.


(Yes, I really was stupid enough to forget to scramble the first word. *facepalm*)




(This is the one that wasn't in the movie, but a good Jane Austen/P&P fan should know anyway. Heehee.)


(Mary singing at Netherfield... "You have delighted us long enough!" The song is very fun to mimic. :))



Our winners are Livia Rachelle and Kiri Liz who both figured out everything. :)  Thanks to all who played!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Game the Thirty-First: Scramble Words

In the past we've done some unscrambling games, and usually they are with names or at least names of houses or places. Here, though, I decided to branch out a bit. These are either P&P95-themed words or short phrases (I limited myself to five words).  One of them is not exactly said in P&P95, but if you're a P&P fan you should know it anyways. ;)

1.  LBERAOLTE (1 word)

2. SIX  EICNSH   EPED  NI  DMU (5 words)

3. IENF  ESEY (2 words)

4. LEHEVSS  IN  THE  LOCSTE (4 words)



7. NI  NVIA  I  VHEA  GTDREUGSL (5 words)

8. BURLMSE  DRAE  DAMI (3 words)



Have fun! Answers will be posted on Saturday.

Episode Four Trivia Quiz: Answers

1.  Which character's face is the first to be seen in this episode?

Mr. Darcy's.

2.  How old was Georgiana Darcy when she was tricked into consented to elope with George Wickham?

Fifteen. "She was then but fifteen years old."

3.  Complete the quote: "Have some breakfast, Lizzy; I am sure it will do you good."

{Note:  Thank you to Katrina of Edelweiss Patterns for pointing out that the actual quote does not have "Lizzy" after "breakfast"-- rather, Charlotte says, "Oh, you do look pale, Lizzy" before she says the bit about having breakfast.  Apologies for the mistake!}

4.  What was it that Lydia should have put on the roof of the carriage so Kitty would not squash it

Her bandbox.
"Kitty, you're squashing my bandbox!"
"You should have put it on the roof, there isn't ROOM for it!"

5.  What is the name of Mr. Darcy's fencing teacher?

Mr. Baines.  "Thank you, Baines. Good day.  ...I shall conquer this.  I SHALL."

6.  What is Elizabeth's parting remark to Wickham at the "farewell to the regiment" party?

"Yes, go, go; I would not wish you back again."

7.  Who says the candid remark, "It's vile, isn't it, Lizzy?" and to what is this person referring?

Kitty says it, and she is referring to a bonnet Lydia bought.

8.  How far is Lambton from Pemberley?

Five miles.

9.  Why does Kitty feel that she has as much right to go to Brighton as Lydia (and more)?

She may not be Mrs. Forster's particular friend, but she is two years older.

10.  Complete the quote and tell who said it: "I think one would be willing to put up with a good deal to be mistress of Pemberley." (Mrs. Gardiner)

And our winner is... Emily with the full complement of ten points!  Thanks to all who participated and check back this evening for a new game.  :D

Friday, August 2, 2013

How I Met P&P95: Jane

The story begins back when I first read the book Pride and Prejudice.  Having never read it, I chose it for a book comparison, in English. In fact, I'd never read any Jane Austen at all. So, at the tender age of sixteen, I began the journey that all Janeites have taken. To my delight, I found the book easy to read, humourous and the story captivating. (I then went on to read the rest of Jane Austen!)
It was only a very few years later that friends lent us the BBC mini series. From what they said, I realized that this series was something special.  The picture of Mr Darcy on the front cover was not very reassuring, as he looked nothing like how I imagined him to look. Nevertheless, I approached it with an open and eager mind. And it was all and more than I had hoped for!
The opening music was beautiful. And Jennifer Ehle as Lizzy was perfect. Needless to say I soon discovered that the front cover picture of Colin Firth was merely an unflattering, bad angle and although he did not quite look like the Mr Darcy of the book, he certainly acted the part to perfection. As I base the worth of a movie on accuracy to the book, especially how the close the characters are to my imagination, P&P95 was perfection! Not only was Jennifer Ehle exactly as I imagined Lizzy but also many other characters including Mr Bingley, the Bennets, Georgiana.....I could go on! To this date, P&P95 is the most accurate adaption, I have ever seen.
We eagerly watched the entire series, night after night and when it finished, we knew now of the special hold it had over our friends. It became something of a tradition to watch it at least once a year. Suddenly our computers had desktop backgrounds of P&P95, pictures of Darcy & Lizzy were drawn, the piano music was acquired and learned by the more accomplished of us ...a mini fan-base was born.
(We did watch P&P2005 a little bit later but merely for comparison's sake. It was not true to the spirit of Jane Austen and we never have and never want, to watch it again!)