Monday, August 5, 2013

Episode Four Trivia Quiz: Answers

1.  Which character's face is the first to be seen in this episode?

Mr. Darcy's.

2.  How old was Georgiana Darcy when she was tricked into consented to elope with George Wickham?

Fifteen. "She was then but fifteen years old."

3.  Complete the quote: "Have some breakfast, Lizzy; I am sure it will do you good."

{Note:  Thank you to Katrina of Edelweiss Patterns for pointing out that the actual quote does not have "Lizzy" after "breakfast"-- rather, Charlotte says, "Oh, you do look pale, Lizzy" before she says the bit about having breakfast.  Apologies for the mistake!}

4.  What was it that Lydia should have put on the roof of the carriage so Kitty would not squash it

Her bandbox.
"Kitty, you're squashing my bandbox!"
"You should have put it on the roof, there isn't ROOM for it!"

5.  What is the name of Mr. Darcy's fencing teacher?

Mr. Baines.  "Thank you, Baines. Good day.  ...I shall conquer this.  I SHALL."

6.  What is Elizabeth's parting remark to Wickham at the "farewell to the regiment" party?

"Yes, go, go; I would not wish you back again."

7.  Who says the candid remark, "It's vile, isn't it, Lizzy?" and to what is this person referring?

Kitty says it, and she is referring to a bonnet Lydia bought.

8.  How far is Lambton from Pemberley?

Five miles.

9.  Why does Kitty feel that she has as much right to go to Brighton as Lydia (and more)?

She may not be Mrs. Forster's particular friend, but she is two years older.

10.  Complete the quote and tell who said it: "I think one would be willing to put up with a good deal to be mistress of Pemberley." (Mrs. Gardiner)

And our winner is... Emily with the full complement of ten points!  Thanks to all who participated and check back this evening for a new game.  :D

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