Thursday, November 13, 2014

Announcing... the WINNERS!

Go ahead and scroll down.

Keep scrolling.

Keeeeeep scrolling.

Keeeeeeeeeeeeep scrolllllllllllllling.



Well, you seem to be still scrolling, so maybe there's some hope.

Nope, not there yet.

Little bit more.


Lizzy and Darcy congratulate you!  Sedately, of course.

(We had to do all that to make sure that people wouldn't be able to just read the winners' names in the little blurb that will appear on their dashboards.)

Anyway.  Our heartiest congratulations are extended to...

Lydia, who won the Jane Bennet Quote Mug from Etsy seller Brookish!
Natalie, who won the Miniature Classic Novels Pride and Prejudice Necklace from JaneDaJewelry!
Livia Rachelle, who won the Jane Austen Novel Quotations Bookmarks from Dorothy Jane!
Kerry, who won the Elizabeth Bennet Quote Keychain from NovelArtsIdeas!
...and Ainsley, who won the P&P Opening Line bookmark from Beyond the Pages!

Winners, please contact us at shelvesinthecloset95 {at} gmail {dot} com by Saturday, November 15th with your mailing address so we can get your prizes to you!  If we do not hear from you by Saturday, we will select alternate winners.

Everyone else, thanks so much for entering, and don't forget to check out the lovely donors' Etsy shops!

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Grand 100-Followers Celebration Giveaway

And here we are, everyone, with the promised giveaway!  We have items for FIVE lucky winners!  "Fancy that, Lizzy!"

First, let's show you the goodies.

From Etsy seller Brookish (a fellow admirer of P&P95 and well-versed in bashing the fake one), we have this nice mug, featuring a quote from Jane Bennet in the miniseries.  I don't know about you, but I think it would be a fun thing to see in the morning when you go to make yourself tea (or coffee, if you're a coffee person ;) ).

From Etsy seller JaneDaJewelry comes this lovely little pendant shaped like a copy of Pride and Prejudice!  This tiny wee book could reside on your favorite necklace chain, a ribbon or even on a charm bracelet.

From Etsy seller Dorothy Jane, these beautiful bookmarks will look splendid gracing the pages of your favorite Jane Austen novels!  Don't forget to check out Dorothy Jane's Facebook page as well as her Etsy shop.  As something of a bookmark connoisseur, I think these are just adorable.  :D

This classy little keychain charm from Etsy seller NovelArtsIdeas features one of our favorite Elizabeth Bennet quotes! Who doesn't love a good laugh... or a cute trinket with a literary reference?

And lastly, there is good news for our Australian followers!  This item is especially for you.  You can have it.  Yes, you can enter the giveaway and might actually win a real thing that will be sent to you in the real mail.  You're welcome. ;)  Thanks to Angela from Beyond the Pages for donating this item!

Unfortunately, at this time only U.S. residents can enter for prizes 1-4, and only Australian residents for 5.  Everyone else... sorry. :(  Give us a peep as to where you live, though, and if there are enough of you from other locations, maybe we'll have something local for you next time.

To enter:

As is customary, there are lots of ways to enter!  To make things simple, everything's worth one entry each.

1. Follow this blog publicly.
2. Join/become a member of The P&P95Forever Club (see how here).
3. If you are a member, post an "I am a member..." button on your blog or website. (These are emailed to you when you join. If you didn't get one, let us know!) Send us a link so we can see it!
4. Post about this giveaway on your blog. (If you do not have a blog, let us know what you DO have and we will try to accommodate you.)
5. Follow our Facebook page.
6-10. Visit the following Etsy shops, then come back and tell us something that particularly caught your eye:

~Dorothy Jane/ Lace Girl AND her Facebook page
~Novel Arts & Ideas
~Beyond the Pages

So whichever of the above you do (or if it's already been done, like following), tell us in comments.  Yeah, we're just doing this the old-fashioned way. (Although I think we'll be using Mr. for "drawing"-- last time we literally put papers in a hat and... that was a lot of cutting paper and writing, haha.)

Also!  As promised, the last 15 people who followed the blog get an extra entry.  If my (Miss Marianne at the moment) calculations are correct, these are the people-- if you know you were one of them (between 86 and 100), and I missed you, please let me know.

mama jakeline 
Ainsley Pontmercy
Jessy Jones
Ruth Janes
Hannu Heino 
Anita GM

In order to claim that extra entry, you need to comment (using the account you followed with) and tell us you're here and you're entering.

The giveaway will last for ten days; it will be all over and the winners announced on November 13th, so make sure to get all your entries done by the end of the 12th! :)