Captioned Pictures

We (the authors of this blog) have regular caption contests where our readers are shown a picture (usually humorous) from P&P95, and everyone is given a chance to come up with a funny line or two to go with it. Then we select a winner and make a captioned photo. This page is here for displaying all the winning pictures, so they don't get lost in the archives and can continue giving laughs. For a chance to see your creation on this page, keep an eye out for new caption contests. We have a new game each Monday, and it's generally a caption contest about every three weeks.

By Joan

By Anne-girl

Made by Emily (Miss Darcy)

Made by Katy-Anne

Made by "The Elf"
(Reference to lyrics in "On The Street Where You Live" from My Fair Lady)

Made by Anne-girl

Made by Emily
(Reference to quote from Night at the Museum)

Made by "The Elf"

Made by Miss Laurie

Made by Anne-girl


Emily said...


Naomi said...

These are so funny! :)

Miss Elliot said...

"There's a spider in my collar."
"If you shake it out, sir, I will smash it with this!"
These should go on Sink Me!