Saturday, December 15, 2012

P&P Trivia Quiz {1} - Answers!

Thanks to everybody who played this week's game! Here are the answers.

1. Who is the very first character to speak?
d. Mr. Bingley
"It's a fair prospect."

2. When is the first time Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance (in the movie, of course)?
a. The party at Lucas Lodge
Some people may consider this to be a matter of opinion, but I think technically Mr. Darcy did ask her, even if he was kind of pushed into it by Sir William. He said "I would be very happy if you would do me the honor of dancing with me, Miss Bennet," and I think he actually meant it at the time, even though Lizzy was convinced otherwise. If he really hadn't wanted to, I don't think anything could have made him ask her, even if he is polite.

3. How long is P&P?
c. 5 hours
Store this away in your memory, for it is something every P&P95 fan should know. You will know more than people who think they know what they're talking about, too, and say it's six hours... we've all heard it. Well, it's not. To read more about that and other things every P&P95 fan should know, click here.

4. How many episodes are there in P&P?
d. 6
This is probably why people think it's six hours. One person mentioned that on their DVD it isn't divided up into episodes... and it's not, the way miniseries normally do, but it sort of pauses at the end of each episode. And I've also seen the video sets with six videos... ha, those make it look even longer than it is. It's amusing when I just see one or two random ones at thrift stores... 
Um, sorry for rambling.

5. Is Elizabeth dancing in the first scene during the ball at Meryton?
Yes. With some random guy who has funny teeth.
Can you find her? ;)
6. In the movie Elizabeth says “I am determined that nothing but the very deepest love will induce me into matrimony.” Is this quote in the book?
No. A couple people said there is a quote similar to this, but I've been searching with no success... care to enlighten me? In any case, if something like that is in there it's probably not quite similar enough and it's not in the same place, either. 

7. In the book, when Mrs. Bennet reproaches Kitty for coughing (“Don't keep coughing so, Kitty, for heaven's sake! Have a little compassion on my nerves. You tear them to pieces.”), Kitty responds “I do not cough for my own amusement!” Is Kitty’s quote included in the movie or not?
Yes. She says it, but it's almost covered up by Lydia saying "He has thirty servants--forty servants--and he's very handsome and wears a blue coat." 
In the book, before Kitty's line, Mr. Bennet says "Kitty has no discretion in her coughs. She times them ill." Heehee. 

8. How many inches deep in mud did one of Mr. Bingley’s sisters declare Elizabeth’s petticoat to be when she arrived at Netherfield?
Six. "I hope you saw her petticoat, brother. Six inches deep in mud, I am absolutely certain." "I must confess it quite escaped my notice."

9. And from the previous question, which sister was it who made the remark about the mud?
Mrs. Louisa Hurst.

10. What is the very first line Elizabeth utters?
"Coming, Mamma."
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, what is to become of us all? Jane! Lizzy! Where are you?
Jane: Here, Mamma.
Lizzy: Coming, Mamma...

11. “Well, my dear, if Jane should die of this fever, it will be comfort to know it was all in pursuit of Mr. Bingley, and under your orders.” –Mr. Bennet
What was Mrs. Bennet’s exact response? (No cheating, now! Play from memory here! ;) )
"Oh, nonsense! People do not die of little trifling colds!"

Multiple Points Question

12. Where does each episode end? As in, what is the last scene of each episode?

Episode 1: Jane and Lizzy have just left Netherfield. "Oh, Jane. I'm sorry to say it, but notwithstanding your excellent Mr. Bingley, I've never been so happy to leave a place in my life!"

Episode 2: Mr. Collins has just departed from Longbourn, and Mrs. Bennet stands weeping at the doorway. "Oh, Mr. COLLINS!"

Episode 3: Mr. Darcy has just left the room in which his proposal of marriage was refused, and Lizzy is looking... disturbed. 

Episode 4: Lizzy looks back at Mr. Darcy while she's driving away from Pemberley with her aunt and uncle, after their surprising encounter there.

Episode 5: Lizzy has just been telling Jane how she cannot bear to think of Mr. Darcy alive in the world... and thinking ill of her.

Episode 6: The wedding. *happy sigh*

Now for scores.

Miss Dashwood - 16
Caroline L. - 15
The Elf - 13
Anne-girl - 12
BatZion - 12
Kiri Liz - 11
Katy-Anne - 10
Jane - 10
Miss Laurie - 9
Dee - 9
Margaret Hale - 8
Livia Rachelle - 4


Caroline L. said...

Wonderful quiz! Thank you very much, Miss Marianne!

BatZion said...

Aha! Now I can see where I went wrong...
Mental note to self: Take advantage of the holidays and watch this again all the way through!

Miss Dashwood said...

BatZion, I must say, that is one of the best mental notes I've heard in a long time... I would advise all our readers to do the same. I might just do it too. :D