Monday, December 10, 2012

Game the Second: P&P Trivia Quiz {1}

This week is brought to you a trivia quiz to test and exercise your knowledge of P&P95, focusing on but not limited to Episode 1. (And though that sounds dull and scholarly, I do hope it will be fun as well. Heehee.)

As this blog abounds in information about P&P95, I must remind you to be Good Girls and play completely from memory even though it might be too easy to spot some of the answers in places. ;) That being so, it would be best to take the quiz all at once, but if there’s one question that’s really bugging you and you know you might remember it later, without any help, (this happens to me a lot) feel free to skip it and answer it later. But each question may only be answered once for this game.

A total of 17 points can be obtained. I will be checking your answers, commenting with your scores and noting any you didn't answer & might wish to come back to. The answers will be accepted through Friday, December 14th and the following day the answers and player scores will be posted.

Multiple Choice

1. Who is the very first character to speak?
a. Elizabeth Bennet
b. Mr. Darcy
c. Mrs. Bennet
d. Mr. Bingley

2. When is the first time Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance (in the movie, of course)?
a. The party at Lucas Lodge
b. The Meryton Assembly
c. The Netherfield ball
d. One of the evenings at Netherfield while Jane is ill

3. How long is P&P?
a. 2 ½ hours
b. 4 hours
c. 5 hours
d. 6 hours

4. How many episodes are there in P&P?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6

Yes or No

5. Is Elizabeth dancing in the first scene during the ball at Meryton?

6. In the movie Elizabeth says “I am determined that nothing but the very deepest love will induce me into matrimony.” Is this quote in the book? (Now, I know it’s a bit tricky to be asking a question connected with the book, but most P&P95 fans have a knowledge of it, and I happen to like in-the-book-not-in-the-book trivia. If I am a wild Beast, I cannot help it. It is not my own fault.)

7. In the book, when Mrs. Bennet reproaches Kitty for coughing (“Don't keep coughing so, Kitty, for heaven's sake! Have a little compassion on my nerves. You tear them to pieces.”), Kitty responds “I do not cough for my own amusement!” Is Kitty’s quote included in the movie or not?


8. How many inches deep in mud did one of Mr. Bingley’s sisters declare Elizabeth’s petticoat to be when she arrived at Netherfield?

9. And from the previous question, which sister was it who made the remark about the mud?

10. What is the very first line Elizabeth utters?

11. “Well, my dear, if Jane should die of this fever, it will be comfort to know it was all in pursuit of Mr. Bingley, and under your orders.” –Mr. Bennet
What was Mrs. Bennet’s exact response? (No cheating, now! Play from memory here! ;) )

Multiple Points Question

12. Where does each episode end? As in, what is the last scene of each episode? (If I was asking this question for the 2009 Emma, for example, I would say that Episode 1 ended right after Emma and Mr. Knightley’s argument about Harriet and Mr. Martin.) 1 point will be awarded for each correctly guessed episode ending.


Margaret Hale said...

6.No. (At least, I don't think so.)
9.Mrs. Hurst
10. I'm just guessing here, but is it "Truly a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."
11. Okay, now I' m really guessing, but I think it's something like "Nonsense! People do not die of
little trifling colds!"
12. The first one ends after Lizzy and Jane leave Netherfield, the second ends after Lizzy refuses Darcy's proposal, and I' m not sure about the third. The fourth one ends at the end. (That one was easy.)

Kiri Liz said...

1) I know the first line is "It's a fair prospect," and umm... I think it's d. Mr. Bingley who says it.

2) a. The party at Lucas Lodge

3) d. 6 hours

4) I want to say... dash it all! d. 6?

5) Yes

6) I'm leaning towards yes. So, yes.

7) Yes, Kitty's quote is included (beneath Lydia's comment of "He has forty servants! Forty servants! And he's very handsome and wears a blue coat.") :)

8. "Her petticoat! I hope you saw her petticoat, brother. Six inches deep in mud, I'm absolutely certain."

9) Mrs. Lousia Hurst

10) "Coming, Mama."

11) "Nonsense! People do not die of trifling colds!"

12) Bother not knowing the episode numbers! Well, I'll do my best...
1 - Lizzie and Jane in the coach leaving Netherfield: "I've never been so happy to leave a place in my life."
2 - Mrs. Bennet at the door with her handkerchief: "Oh, Mr. Collins!" *sobs*
3 - After Mr. Darcy's first infamous proposal
4 - Elizabeth's and Mr. Darcy's wedding
And I can't recall the others right now... *sigh*

Anne-girl said...

1. d
2. a
3. c
4. 6
5. Yes
6. Yes
7. Yes
8. Six
9. Caroline
10. Coming Mamma!
11. ?
12. Lizzy and Jane riding off from Netherfield when Jane is well.The announcement by Kitty and Lydia of Charlotte's engagement. Mr. Darcy leaving after being turned down. Leaving Pemberly, Lizzy looks out the back at Mr. Darcy. ?. Mr. Darcy and Lizzy riding off in the carriage, the kiss.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

What fun! Let's see how I do, haven't seen P&P'95 in almost a year.

1) d. Mr. Bingley
2) a. The party at Lucas Lodge
3) c. 5 hours!!!
4) d. 6
5) Yes
6) No, I don't think it is?
7) No, I don't remember her saying anything of the sort, she just sort of sits there and coughs!
8) 6 inches.
9) Mrs. Hurst?
10) Hmm...
11) "People do not die of little trifling colds!" or something along those lines.
12) I'm afraid this question is for the more advanced P&P'95 fan and I'll have to pass.

Well, I shall be quite embarrassed when my score is published! I need to watch it again with my sister.

Caroline L. said...

Oooo, goodie! A quiz!

1. d. Mr. Bingley

2. a. Lucas Lodge (though he doesn't technically ask her to dance here...Sir William tries to force them together and Darcy is rather *wink* willing, so perhaps Netherield Ball would be a better answer?)

3. c. 5 hours

4. d. 6

5. Yes

6. I'll say...yes. It's a similar/rather abridged version of something she says in the book.

7. Yes

8. "6 inches deep in mud"

9. Louisa

10. "Coming, Mama." Such a good girl.

11. "People do not die of trifling colds!"

12. They all end with credits rolling and the theme song.

Oh, that won't give me any points? Very well then. #1: Lizzy and Jane are leaving Netherfield after Jane has been sick. #2: Mr. Collins has just departed from Longbourn and Mrs. Bennet is sobbing into her handkerchief. #3: Mr. Darcy has just left Elizabeth after failing miserably at a proposal to her. #4: Lizzy and Darcy are gazing at each other as she and her aunt and uncle drive away from Pemberley. #5 Lizzy is wishing that she had never told Mr. Darcy about Lydia's elopement, and we see a (rather creepy!) image of him for a moment. #6: the moment we've been waiting for 5 hours to see.

Miss Marianne said...

Margaret Hale,
You have 8 points! You were so very close on #11 that I decided to give it to you. ;)

Kiri Liz,
You have 11 points. :) I loved your answers on #7 and 8!

You have 12 points. :) Feel free to come back to #11 if you happen to remember the answer.

Miss Laurie,
You have 8 points. You were really close on #11 but two words were missing, so it wasn't quite exact. Remember that for #12 you can get a point for each correct guess, and there should be at least one that is really easy to remember. ;) *hint, hint*

Caroline L.,
You have 15 points! Great job! You were quite close on 11 but two words were missing. And about 6, you have made me quite curious. I don't suppose you'd like to email me so we can discuss this further? ;)

Katy-Anne said...

1. d. Mr. Bingley
2. a. The party at Lucas Lodge
3. c. 5 hours
4. This is a hard one, because my DVD doesn't divide it into episodes. I'm going to say d. 6
5. No.
6. Yes.
7. Sort of. Not word-for-word, but the same idea.
8. 6 inches. And it was Caroline.
9. I wondered why you didn't mention who it was. As aforementioned, it was Caroline.
10. "Coming, Mama."
11. People don't die from trifling colds!
12. Episode 1 ends as Jane and Elizabeth leave Netherfield after Jane's illness. Episode 3 ends after Darcy's first proposal. Episode 5 ends as Elizabeth and the Gardiners leave Pemberly after their surprise visit. Episode 6 ends with the double wedding.

Miss Marianne said...

You have 10 points! :) Thanks for playing!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Okay, I'm going to try a couple of the episodes.

12. The last episode ends with the wedding of Jane & Bingley and Lizzy & Darcy.
It is Episode 4 that ends with Mr. Darcy's first proposal being rejected by Elizabeth? I know one of them does and then the next episode starts with Darcy writing Lizzy "the letter".
*sigh* I'm probably totally wrong.

11. so close? is it "Young ladies do not die of little trifling colds!" ??? Ha! I probably just typed the same thing as before. :(

Thanks for putting this quiz together, it was fun!

Anonymous said...

1. d
2. c was of his own free will. However if you include a polite rejoinder to Sir William Lucas' request as asking Lizzy to dance then a) is the answer.
3. c
4. d
5. Yes
6. Yes
7. No
8. SIX!!! (Shock horror)
9. Caroline Bingley
10. "Coming, Mama!"
11. Something like: "Oh she will not die! People do not die of trifling little colds!"
12. Episode One: Jane and Lizzy are just arriving back home after their stay at Netherfield. The final scene is Jane and Lizzy in the carriage smiling at each other.
Episdoe Two: Mr. Collins is leaving Longbourne after his failed proposal. The final scene is Mrs. Bennet waving goodbye and weeping.
Episode Three: Darcy has just proposed to Lizzy and she refused him. The final scene is an upset Lizzy in the Collins parlour.
Episode Four: Lizzy has just met Pemberly and a much changed Darcy. The final scene is Lizzy turning back to have a last look at Mr. Darcy from the carriage.
Episode Five: Lizzy is brooding on what might have been with her and Darcy. The final scene is Mr. Darcy appearing in Lizzy's mirror to quote some lines.
Episode Six: A double wedding. The final scene is The Kiss.

- The Elf

Miss Marianne said...

The Elf,
You have 13 points. :) Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

1. Mr. Bingley
2. The party at Lucas Lodge
3. 6 hours
4. 6
5. No
6. Yes
7. No
8. 6 inches
9. Louisa Hurst
10. I would like to come back to this one :)
11. No idea!
12. 1st episode: umm.....don't know...
2nd episode: Darcy's first proposal
3rd episode: Bingley leaves?
4th leaving Pemberley
5th Lizzy worried that Darcy thinks ill of her
6th the wedding


Miss Marianne said...

You have 8 points! Come back to #10 any time you want. :)

Livia Rachelle said...


Miss Marianne said...

Livia Rachelle,
All the ones you answered were right, so you have 4 points. Care to answer questions 5-12?

Jane said...

Hmmm...well I think this will determine whether I'm a level three or four fan! I've a feeling I won't go that well. Anyway my answers:
1. d. Mr Bingley
2. d. one of the evenings at Netherfield while Jane was ill....or stop! is it (c) the netherfield ball? Ok, I stick with (d)
3. c. 5 hours
4. d. 6
5. I have NO idea. Let's just say no.
6. I really don't know but.....yes?
7. I don't think Kitty's reply is included in the movie.
8. 6 inches
9. Miss Caroline Bingley
10. "yes, Mama"
11.Yes, I think so. Well it sounds familiar to me.
12. Episode 1: Jane and Elizabeth in the carriage leaving Netherfield after staying there while Jane was sick.
Episode 2: after Mr Collins proposal to Elizabeth and her refusal.
Episode 3: Elizabeth's face looking down after Mr Darcy's first proposal.
Episode 4: Elizabeth looking backwards from the carriage leaving Pemberly after her and her aunt & uncle had been visiting.
Episode 5: Elizabeth sitting on the end of her bed or maybe Mr Darcy's face after bedtime talk with Jane.
Episode 6: the wedding kiss

Miss Dashwood said...

Squeeeee! what fun!

1. Mr. Bingley (c)
2. The Netherfield ball (c)
3. 5 hours (c)
4. 6 (d)
5. Yes.
6. No, but there's a line that's similar to it, I believe.
7. Yes.
8. Six
9. Louisa
10. "Coming, Mamma!"
11. "Oh, nonsense! People do not DIE of little trifling COLDS!"

12. Episode One-- Jane and Elizabeth coming home from Netherfield.
Episode Two-- Mrs. Bennet's grief at Mr. Collins' departure. "Oh, Mr. COLLINS!"
Episode Three-- Mr. Darcy's failed first proposal.
Episode Four-- Elizabeth and the Gardiners leaving Pemberley.
Episode Five-- Lizzy and Jane talking over Mr. Darcy's good opinion of Lizzy (or lack thereof).
Episode Six-- HMM LET ME THINK. Um... wedding? Kissing? :D

Miss Marianne said...

You have 10 points. :) Oh, and just a little hint-- you may want to reread question #11. I don't think you understood it right, so if you have another answer I'll accept it.

Elinnah dear,
(Er, Miss Dashwood, that is)
You have 16 points! :D Good job! And your answer for 11 was excellent. Heehee.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try for No. 10, the one I left and I'll say that the first line Lizzy utters is "Coming Mama"....I think! :)


Miss Marianne said...

Yes, Dee, you're right. :) Now you have 9 points.

Miss Laurie,
You got one of your answers right for #12, so now you have 9 points. Haha, I think I was confusing you about 11... your first answer was exact, just not quite complete. There was a very short sentence before the one you quoted. ;)

Jane said...

Ah, I see. I re-read question 11 and realised I read MR Bennett instead of MRS Bennett.
Well, as far as I remember, I don't think Mrs Bennett said anything in reply, maybe a kind of hmp or perhaps I'm thinking of another similar conversation.
Anyway, just say that she says "hmpf" or something to that effect.

BatZion said...

Aha! Now this quiz a little more to my liking! :)
Here are my answers:

1. Mr. Darcy
2. The parcy at Lucas Lodge
3. 5 hours
4. 6
5. No
6. No ?
7. Yes!
8. 6 inches
9. Louisa Hurst
10. "For a man in possession of a fortune must be in want of a wife!"
11. "Nonsense! People do not die of triffling little colds!"
12. (... ai yi yi... here is the killer! Reminds me of how long it has been since I watched this all the way through! :P)
ep1: When Jane and Lizzy leave Netherfeild after Jane recovers from her cold.
ep2: Mrs. Bennet boo-hoo-hooing after Mr. Collins leaves Longbourn because Lizzy has refused his proposal.
ep3: After Lizzy rejects Mr. Darcy's first proposal
ep4: Lizzy looks back at Mr. Darcy when herself and her aunt and uncle Gardiner leave Pemberbly.
ep5: (I can't remember this one right now... could I get back to you on this one? :/)
ep6: Ha ha! This is the easiest one! :) After Lizzy and Jane's weddings, Lizzy and Mr. Darcy are riding away in their carriage.

Miss Marianne said...

You have 12 points. Feel free to come back to the one in #12 that you couldn't remember. :)