Monday, December 31, 2012

Game the Fourth: P&P Trivia Quiz {2}

Time for a new trivia quiz--this time focusing on Episode Two, which may very well be my favorite in the series (though Episode Four comes awfully close...).  Please comment with your answers until Friday, January 4th, when the game will close.  You may submit only one guess per question (though if you comment with guesses for only some of the questions, you may come back to complete the questions you didn't attempt before).  Clear as mud?  Excellent.  We shall proceed.

All the questions come from Episode Two (yes, thank you, Mary) and I have done my best to make them neither too hard nor too easy.  I will announce a winner on Saturday, a winner who will achieve fame and glory and all that nonsense, but no prize because we don't give prizes here at the Club.  We are either too poor to do so or we are cheapskates; you may take your pick and think what you like of us.  :D  Everything in order?  Good.  Then we shall proceed.  ("You said that before."  "Hush up, can't you?")

1. What is it that Mr. Darcy "does so secretly" when the party are assembled in the Netherfield drawing room?

2. Mr. Bennet announces that someone is coming to dinner at Longbourn-- it seems that everyone has a different guess as to who it might be.  Who does Lydia think it is?

3. Which Bennet sister gets the "privilege" of the first dance with Mr. Collins at the Netherfield ball? 

4. What game does Mrs. Phillips play with Mr. Collins and other unimportant people at her card-party?

5. Just how much did that chimney-piece at Rosings Park cost?

6. How old is Lydia at this point in the story?

7. What is Mr. Darcy's exact response to this speech of Elizabeth's?  "We each have an unsocial, taciturn disposition, unwilling to speak unless we expect to say something that will amaze the whole room."

8. What piece does Mrs. Hurst play on the pianoforte at the Netherfield ball?

9. Which unfortunate girl possesses the frock that Mr. Collins trod on and tore?

10. What are Mr. Collins' three reasons for marrying (list in order, please)?

Happy guessing!


Melody said...

You may take your pick and think what you like of us... hahaha. Well, in some cases it might be both. *cough*
You do like that hush-up-can't-you quote, don't you? ;D

Okay. Quiz. I feel pleased that I get to take it this time. :D

1. It is no secret... he is writing to his sister Georgiana, that is all.

2. Oohh. Tough. I'm going to say... Denny. Wait, didn't she have two guesses? *thinks* Mrs Bennet said Mr. Bingley, Mr. Bennet said it was someone he'd never seen... and then I thought Lydia said Col. Forster, and Kitty said Captain Carter, and Lydia said "No, I know, Denny!" and then Mr. Bennet gave her A Look.
Well, well, Denny or Col. Forster. Or both.

3. Lizzy. But I believe it was Kitty who suffered the most, because he trod on her frock and tore it, you know!

4. (And other unimportant people... haha.) Whist. "Hearts, Mr. Collins, HEARTS!"

5. Ooooh. O_O Was it 800 pounds? Well, that's my first guess, so I'll go with it. :P "It must be a very large one. ...Her ladyship is fond of a good blaze, then?"

6. "Lydia is fifteen." (But she's 16 by the time she marries, silly fake-P&P makers.)

7. "This is no very striking resemblance of your own character, I'm sure." (Ouch.) Or else "That is no striking...". I am uncertain. And he could have said "I am" and not "I'm"... haha. Or the "very" might not be there! Oh dear, oh dear...

8. Now, now, that's rather a question for Classical music fans. :P Oh boy. I can't remember. It was by Mozart, I think. I mean, I could hum it for you here and now, but I can't remember the name. Isn't it Italian or something? (Haha, well, I just looked on the playlist on the sidebar and 'tis Ronda Alla Turca. One can't be expected to remember things that aren't English, can one?

9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Kitty. Hahahahaha. I did NOT see that question before. :P

10. Oh dear! Not word-for-word, but I believe it was 1) that he thought as a clergyman he should set the example of matrimony in his parish, 2) that he is convinced it will add greatly to his own happiness, and 3) (which perhaps he should have mentioned first), it is the express wish of his esteemed patroness Lady Catherine de Bluhhhhhh.
But I could be wrong. Haha.

This was fun! :D

BatZion said...

I love trivia quizzes!
1. Darcy writing a letter to his sister, Georgiana
2. First she thinks it is Captain Carter, then changes her mind to Denny
3. Poor Lizzy!
4. Whist - I think
5. My guess is 400 pounds ???
6. 15
7. "This is no short description of your own character I'm sure." I don't think this is exact, but it's as good as I can remember!
9. Kitty's frock
10. First, he believes that it is the responsibility of a minister to show the example of marriage in his parish. Second, he believes it will add greatly to his happiness. And thirdly, which perhaps he should have mentioned first, was it was the express of his patroness Lady Catherine de Bergh

Livia Rachelle said...

1. He is writing a letter to his sister.
2. Colonel or Captain Carter (is that not Denny?)
3.Elizabeth of course
4. Whist?
5. 800 pounds?
6.15 I believe-was this not when Lizzy corrects Mr. Wickham?
7. That is no very great representation of your disposition I am sure.
8.Turkish March or Rondo ala Turca or whatever it is in Italian.
9. Lydia
10. Because Lady Catherine told him, to be an good example, and To make amends for the entailment. Sorry. I watch more than listen. Tis true in life as well.

BatZion said...

Here's my guess for no. 8: Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart?

Anonymous said...

1. Contemplating the pleasure a pair of fine eyes can give him

2. Denny?

3. Lizzy (Other way, Mr. Collins!)

4. Bridge

5. 800 Pounds

6. Not yet 16, i.e. 15

7. "Your character perhaps, it is by no means an accurate portrayal of mine." (inaccurate I know but it's as close as I can get)

8. Rondo Alla Turca

9. Kitty?

10.1.Personal happiness
2. He believes a parson should be married.
3. (or perhaps I should have put this one first!) Lady Catherine de Bourgh told him to wed PLUS if he marries, she will come and visit the bride herself!!

- The Elf

Anonymous said...

1 writes a letter to his sister
2 Denny
3 Lizzy
4 Ummmmm......bridge? :S
5 8000 pounds
6 15
7 I haven't a clue!!
8 ok, I'm not sure if you'll count this one but I saw that it was Ronda Alla Turca from all the music you have already posted up. Hope that wasn't cheating! :)
9 no idea!
10 I think I'll come back to this one :)


Lizzie said...

1. 'Tis no secret, he writes to his sister.
2. Oh, I know, Denny!
3. Miss Elizabeth Bennet
4. Whist, I believe.
5. Oh dear... was it 500 pounds?
6. 15
7. "That bears no very striking resemblance to your own character, I am sure." Maybe? Oh, I can't recall!
8. To my shame, I have no idea what the title is, I think of it as "the speedy, drill-y piece."
9. Kitty Bennet.
10. #1 Clergymen should set the example of matrimony in a parish.
#2 Lady Catherine condescended to recommend that he marry.
#3 He was convinced it would add greatly to his happiness.

Great fun! =)

Katy-Anne said...

1. He writes a letter to Georgiana
2. Denny
3. Elizabeth
4. Whist (I think)
6. 15
8. Mozart's Turkish March
9. Kitty

Miss Dashwood said...

Thanks for participating, y'all! This contest is now closed.