Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let the Discussion Begin!

Welcome to The P&P95Forever Club's first live chat! To get the ball rolling, we've come up with a few discussion questions and comments, which you may answer or comment on as you choose.

~In episode 1, when Lizzy walked to Netherfield in the mud, what did she do with her dirty shoes once she got there? This question came into my head from reading bits and pieces of No Dark Valley (by Jamie Langston Turner), a book my mom and sister like; the female main character was a P&P95 fan and that question always bothered her exceedingly. I just assume that it wore off after she'd been walking in the less-muddy grass nearer Netherfield... what do you think?

~Does Mary have something of a fancy for Mr. Collins in this movie? I don't remember this being implied in the book (although Mrs. Bennet did try to recommend Mary to him after being rejected by Elizabeth). What do you all think?

~"Your defect is a propensity to hate everyone!"
"___ yours is willfully to misunderstand them."
What word goes there? I used to think it was "and" though I believe now that it is not; however, I'm not sure whether it's "while" or "well". The subtitles on the remastered edition say "well", but they are often wrong. I think the closed captions on the older DVD said "while" and I might have seen it somewhere else, too.

~Speaking of the subtitles messing up, in the beginning of episode 4, Maria says (about Col. Fitzwilliam and Mr. Darcy) "And now they are both gone out of the country!" The subtitles said "And now they are both gone abroad!" Gone abroad?! They have gone nowhere of the sort. "Out of the country" did not mean out of England, it meant away from the countryside, or perhaps the county they were in. Are they trying to interpret things for us? If they are, they're not very knowledgeable. :P

What about you all? Did you notice anything interesting this time around? What is your favorite part? Least favorite? Did anybody watch it with you? Which character makes you laugh the most?


Miss Dashwood said...

I agree, sister dear-- I think the mud on Lizzy's shoes just wore off. Plus there was probably a shoe-scraper at the door.

Definitely, Mary fancied Mr. Collins-- and I do believe this is hinted at in the book but I couldn't pinpoint an example off the top of my head (or the bottom of it for that matter).

I believe Mr. Darcy says "while yours is willfully to misunderstand them" but I may be wrong... my DVD doesn't have subtitles. Sniffle. Er, closed captions. Whatever you want to call them.

Miss Marianne said...

Well, I shall have to remember to notice next time I read the book. Which should be soon. But *I* cannot remember it being hinted at.

I think that's what he says too... ha, well, subtitles and closed captions captions are different things. With subtitles they can be displayed with any DVD player, but closed captions have more to do with the TV, I think. Or equivalent. For instance, the captions on my DVDs work if I'm watching it on the laptop, but not if I'm watching it normally. (Which means yours would, too.)

Miss Dashwood said...

Ohhhh... okay. Well, I was watching it on my little portable DVD player. So IDK how that would work with that.

Okay, here's a discussion question-- what is everyone's opinion as to whether Mr. Darcy was coming to propose to Elizabeth again when he happened upon her at the Lambton inn, right after Jane's letters? I am inclined to think he had come to renew his addresses. Any commentary?

Miss Marianne said...

Good question! I am quite curious to know why he was riding over there in such a hurry... but for my part I rather doubt he'd be coming to renew his addresses. I don't think he was sure enough of her regard yet. Ooh! Perhaps he was coming to apologize for his un-gentleman-like manner last April. And then just, you know, see what happened. Heehee.

Miss Dashwood said...

Oooh, perhaps. Perhaps. Hahaha, I can just imagine it.
"Miss Bennet, my conduct last April must have been nothing short of abhorrent to you. Permit me to offer an apology for my arrogance and incivility."
*awkward silence*
"Thank you, Mr. Darcy, that is very good of you; for my part, I behaved in a manner of which I am ashamed now."
*awkward silence*
"This seems to be a very comfortable inn."
"It is."
"Lovely weather we are having."
"Georgiana wants you to come over again."
"I should be delighted."
"Will you marry me?"

*awkward silence*


Miss Melody Muffin said...

I'm still only halfway through the movie so some of these might be answered from memory... (less time to watch it than I thought I would have).

I believe Mary did have a fancy for Mr. Collins. And I think they would have been well suited to each other, though Mary would NEVER have suited Lady Catherine.

I'm quite sure it is 'while' yours is willfully to misunderstand them.

Every time I watch this movie (and this is actually only the third time all the way through for me, though I can reel off a fair amount of quotes from the first watchings) I am reminded of how much I LOVE it. And how PERFECT Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle are as Darcy and Lizzy!!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Oh and the Lambton Inn scene- well I personally think Darcy was going to just sit and chat a while and try to gauge whether her opinion of him had changed.

Miss Dashwood said...

Miss Melody!!!! Welcome! Miss Marianne and I were beginning to fear we would be a party of two tonight. :D

Ooh, good point about Mary and Lady Catherine. I imagine Mary would be constantly offering Pieces of Reflection for the amusement of the company, and her ladyship would be annoyed because Mary was taking her share of the conversation. :P

Miss Dashwood said...

Hmmm... good point about the Lambton scene. I still hold that he had an idea of proposing in the back of his head. :D

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Thank you for the welcome! I do love live chats- about almost any subject!

I think it very likely he had that idea in the back of his head too, if Lizzy seemed receptive.

Another thing I adore about this movie, is the looks Jane and Elizabeth give each other. I have four sisters within eight years of my age, so I know all about those significant-sister-looks-that-speak-volumes-without-actually-saying-anything. You know what I mean?

Miss Marianne said...

Miss Melody Muffin! Delightful that you could join us this evening! I actually haven't finished it yet either, eh-heh... my papa was watching it with me and didn't like it if I watched it without him. ;) Swellissimus father I've got. He understands these things.

I know what you mean about being reminded how you love it... a similar thing happened to me when we were just starting to work on the Club... it suddenly washed over me how I adored it. ;D

I think I'm more inclined to believe that he just came to chat... I think he was a little too sensible to actually be really considering renewing any addresses, though he may have longed to. All might be lost if he did that, though.

Oooh yes, I agree about Jane and Lizzy's looks! I have always enjoyed that. ;) You have four sisters, too! And according to age, which Bennet sister would you be? ;)

Miss Marianne said...

And what are your favorite parts of the movie, you two? Oh, and to answer one of my own questions, I actually noticed a few new things this time around; one, was that while Mr. Wickham is telling Lizzy about his *cough* past, Mary is playing a song on the piano that later on she plays after Lydia and Wickham leave Longbourn, and it shows Lizzy and Jane walking outside, and Kitty being disgusted with her hat. (And life, I expect. :P) The other thing was something very stupid-- I noticed that the Farewell to the Regiment party was actually at Longbourn, in the room they're always sitting in. Well, it's just that I never really thought before about where it was... perhaps I did assume it was at Longbourn but I didn't notice it being the same room before, because it looks different with so many people.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Wow! Your father watches it with you! I'm quite impressed. I don't number very many men among my acquaintance who will watch P&P95.

According to age, I would be Jane. But according to temperament the line up in my family would be: Elizabeth (me), Jane, Kitty, Lydia, Mary (except that my youngest sister is quite pretty).

You have four sisters?

Miss Marianne said...

Yes. My brother watches such things too, in point of fact. Although not as much as Papa. Actually, Dad will watch my period dramas with me more often than my mom, because she has to take forever in-between viewings before she feels like watching one again. :P

Heehee, I see. :) Oh! No, I do not have four sisters. My "too" only meant, your family has five sisters, as did the Bennets. Have you any brothers?

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Oooh, favorite parts...!

Minor interruption. I now have my nine month old brother on my lap. He's um 'helping' me type.

Anyway, I love the conversation in the drawing room at Netherfield when Jane is ill.

And the scene at Rosings Park with Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy and Elizabeth at the pianoforte is fantastic.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I have four brothers. Yes, poor things, we outnumber them two to one. They hold their own quite well.

My family isn't a huge movie watching family. I, on the other hand, usually watch something for at least a few minutes every night. It is my relaxation/unwind before bed.

Amy, what are some of your favorite parts of the movie?

Miss Marianne said...

I believe Amy had to get off, and so shall I shortly... I'm very glad somebody showed up, though! :) And anybody reading this is welcome to join in later on!

We aren't huge movie-watchers either... it is fun to watch things just before bedtime, though. :)

My favorite part of the movie is probably the bit at Pemberley. Beginning when she visits the grounds up until Lydia's elopement.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I, too, must leave, since I must go put the aforementioned brother to sleep. But I certainly have enjoyed this and would love to do this again sometime.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I'm back for a time, if anyone else is interested in chatting.

BanrĂ­on An Gheimhridh said...

1) I never really took notice to this before. After giving it some thought, I have decided to agree that the mud must have worn off when she walked in the grass near Netherfield. That is what would make the most sense.

2) Yes!! I definitely think that Mary liked Mr. Collins. Every time I watch Pride and Prejudice 1995 it seems pretty clear to me that Mary fancies Mr. Collins. I think they'd get along great with each other. I have always wished she could have married him instead of poor Charlotte. That would have been a much happier situation. It drives me crazy sometimes that Mary didn't end up with him and Charlotte married him instead. Why couldn't Mary have married him? Then she could have had the Bennet home instead of Charlotte, and Charlotte wouldn't have to be married to....well you know what Mr. Collins is like.

3) I have always thought that it was "well", not "while". I hear "well" every time I watch that scene.

Anonymous said...

Just a note, I think Mr. Darcy said when he came to the inn after Lizzy had told him her troubles, I think he said that he had come to invite her to tea or something?? I can't quite remember but I thought that was it. And no, no gentleman would renew his addresses so abruptly, he'd most likely come to chat so Lizzy can get to know him better. Well anyway that's what I think! :)

- The Elf