Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome to the Club

Are you a fan of Jane Austen and the real version the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice? Feel free to let out a whoop and a holler, because you've just found your way to a website that's meant to be a sort of paradise for any P&P95 Devotee. Here you will find a gathering of other people just like you, who believe that the 1995 version is the one and only real representation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (and that there's way more to it than Colin Firth in a wet shirt), and you can feel free to be as opinionated and biased as you want to, because you'll be in good company. (If you're a fan of fakeP&P the 2005 version, we really don't want to offend you or anything... so we simply suggest that this isn't the best place to stick around unless you're looking for some place to pick a debate, but if you do, beware. This Club is P&P95 ground, and when on it, we are ruthless.)

Though we have but just begun, we are ambitious creatures and have a lot in store for you in the very near future: you will discover lots of fun posts to interest fanatics everywhere, from spotlights on characters and different aspects of the miniseries, to fan discussion topics, to a weekly amusement such as games, throwdowns, and contests. We do hope you'll stick around, participate, and leave lots of comments. Because we LOVE comments--and they're enabled on the pages, just so you know... not that that's a hint or anything.  (Hint? Why should we hint at you, child? What a notion!)

One intention of The P&P95Forever Club is to provide information about P&P95 in one place, organized and easy to find--including (but not stopping at!) such things as a list of other period dramas all the actors have been in, accurate and extensive quotes, and screencaps. "But wait, there's more!" You'll also find a collection of other things for the diversion of a P&P fan, such as directions to other web pages you might enjoy, trivia, and a P&P Character Quiz. Call today to find out about the limited-time offer of free shipping and handling.*

Does all this sound like your cup of tea? (And when you read "cup of tea," you are all thinking of this, yes?) We should be overjoyed and honored if you considered actually becoming a member! Please visit our members page to learn more about joining the club.

With great anticipation and many well-wishes,
We remain,
Respectfully yours,
The Misses Dashwood; authors & founders of The P&P95Forever Club

*This is Miss Marianne's idea of a joke.  There will be no shipping and handling because we don't intend to sell you anything.
--The Sensible Elder Miss Dashwood


beastsbelle said...

Hurrah!! I'm in! :D

Emily Coleman said...

When people who profess to be loyal P&P fans tell me that they prefer the newer, Kiera Knightley version, something like this goes through my head:

"Loyal P&P fan?! Hah! Have you ever seen the Colin Firth version? Have you ever read the book? Do you even care about poor Jane Austen who is rolling over in her grave as we speak? Are you human???"

And then I have to relax, breathe, and remind myself that such people are simply misguided and can still be relatively nice people. Not quite sane, but still nice.

It's nice to finally have a place to share this where people will recognize that clearly, I am the sane person in this scenario...

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

*Gasping for Air* *Gasping for Air* SO GLAD THIS IS A BLOG! :-D

Let me know if you need anything. I would be most happy to oblige!

Miss Dashwood said...

Miss Elizabeth, how delightful to see you here!! Thanks for your swellissimus offer to help, we may take you up on it sometime. :D

Miss Marianne said...

Just so you know, your comment made me laugh out loud. You definitely fit in around here! ;)

Miss Elizabeth,
Your comment made me smile a lot! I'm really glad you're so pleased. :)

Jessica said...

I became your 25th follower, and look forward to exploring your delightful new blog further. ;-)

Miss Dashwood said...

How wonderful to see you here, Jessica! Thanks for following!

Kellie said...

What a splendiferous blog! This is going to be so much fun to read;) I alway find myself with never enough time to really immerse myself in all my favorite blogs and take part in the fun, but I'll be following along!;)

Lily of the Valley said...

Hello Miss Dashwood and Miss Marianne! I popt over here to your new blog to say hello. I think it is quite lovely and shall visit often to see what you are up to. : ) Merry Christmas!