Monday, September 30, 2013

The Random Stuff game - Answers

Well, looks like last week's game was a bit of a toughie, since only one person played! And she (The Elf) is coincidentally the winner. ;)

In case anybody is curious about the answers, though--


Chandelier at Lucas Lodge


Outside of Longbourn


Jane Bennet's room at Longbourn


Near the pianoforte upon which Mary played
Netherfield Ball


On that chest of drawers in Mr. Bennet's library/study/His Room


Tea set at Lucas Lodge


The clock at from the Proposal Scene
Hunsford Parsonage


Statue in the dining room at Longbourn


Washbasin and books on a table in Lizzy's room at Hunsford


The flower arrangement Lizzy was working on when Mr. Collins came along to propose

So there you have it! :)

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Anonymous said...

Well considering how many of these I got wrong (think I only got about two right) I found it amusing that I won! These were very hard though :)

- The Elf