Monday, September 23, 2013

Game the Thirty-Seventh: the Random Stuff game

It's been a while, I think, since we've had a game that involves screencaps. Sooo, today I've chosen ten things from episodes 1-4.

How much do you really notice about this movie? I mean, we're always so intent on watching the people and what's going on that we don't notice very much about what's in the background. At least I don't--although when I've seen something a number of times I start noticing them more.

Anyways. Your job is to look at the ten snips of pictures below--all of some object(s) or other--and guess the following:
- What house you will find the object(s) in (example: Pemberley) ~2 points~
- What room in that house you will find the object(s) in (examples: "music room" or "the room where Lizzy and Mr. Darcy share The Look") ~1 point~
- Where in that room the object is located (example: on the piano) ~1 point~
- As a sort of bonus, you'll get an extra point if you say which scene it's coming from (and I'll probably count if if the object was in more than one scene, too).

So that's a total of 5 points per picture, and 50 points total.

Make sense? Here we go!











Answers will be posted on Saturday. :)

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Anonymous said...

This is super hard but I'll give it a shot:

1. A chandelier in the ball room at Netherfield in the Netherfield ball scene (Episode 2)

2.A bench outside. ummmm is it at Pemberley by the lake in the scene where Lizzy talks to Darcy after his swim? (Ep. 4)

3. Not one of the candles that Darcy puts on the mantlepiece at Pemberly when he thinks of Lizzy in Episode 5 is it? Or alternatively a candle on the dinner table at Netherfield in the dining room in Episode 1.

4. An ornament on the piano in the music room at Pemberley in the scene where Darcy and Lizzy share The Look (Episode 5)

5. Some stuff on Mr. Bennet's desk in his den at Longbourne? Episode 4?

6. Teapot on Mrs. Collin's table at the Parsonage in Episode 4

7. Ok. This is the one picture that I 100% know. The clock on the mantlepiece in the drawing room in Mr. Collin's parsonage. The scene is Mr. Darcy's first proposal in Episode 3. I know this item very well as I always check the clock in those shots to see if changes as time progresses :)

8.I didn't know this one until I compared the wallpaper with #10 and saw another statue like it in #10. I'll hazard a guess and say this is in Mrs. Gardiner's house when she writes to Lizzy or when Darcy visits her in Ep 6?

9. Mr. Darcy's dressing room / bathroom at Netherfield in episode 1?

10. Same room as #8 so I'll say Mrs. Gardiner's house episode 6 but I have a feeling I'm very wrong on the house :/

- The Elf