Monday, September 16, 2013

Game the Thirty-Sixth: Another Quote Quiz

Our game today features ten quotes from various episodes of P&P-- your job is to identify the speaker and the episode from which the quote comes.  No peeking in the quotes pages on this blog!  If you need help identifying where one episode ends and another begins, check out the screencaps posts.  You will receive one point for each correctly guessed character and one for each correctly guessed episode-- maximum score is twenty points.   You only get one chance to guess, so think carefully before submitting your answers.  Have fun!

Consider that it is by no means certain that another offer of marriage may be made to you.

My dear, do not give way to such gloomy thoughts. Let us hope for better things.

If it is merely a shooting party, we shall not see him often.

I believe every disposition has a tendency to some particular evil.

The chances of any of us making a good marriage were never very great; and now I should say, they are nonexistent.

What have you to accuse him of? I should dearly like to know how he behaves among strangers.

And this must be a most inconvenient sitting-room for the evening in summer. Why, the windows are full west.

For a woman's reputation is no less brittle than it is beautiful. Therefore we cannot be too guarded in our behavior towards the undeserving of the other sex.

Resignation is never so perfect, as when the blessing denied begins to lose somewhat of its value in our estimation.

Well, my comfort is, she will die of a broken heart and then he'll be sorry for what he's done!


Livia Rachelle said...

Okay, I don't like that you include episodes in the games,its rather discouraing. It seems rather pointless if we know the story line, and I will never get them. I have the DVD version, and I don't count the episode breaks for winning games! It would be better to describe the scene. Just a thought. And forgive the long whine.
1. Mr. Collins says this to Lizzy after she attempts to reject him. I think that this is more insulting than anything in Darcy's proposal.
2. Mr. Bennet says this when Mrs. Bennet is wailing about the entail after Charlotte Lucas becomes engaged to Mr. Collins. Mr. Bennet follows it up with the idea that she might die first.
3. Jane to Lizzy on hearing Bingley is back and when she is unsucessfully trying to convince Lizzy that she does not care.
4. Darcy to Lizzy during their awkard conversation in which she prods him about his pride at Netherfield when Jane is ill.
5. Lizzy to Jane after coming home because of Lydia's elopement.
6. Colonel Fitzwilliam (did anyone else feel that Jane Austen did not write enough about/with him?) to Lizzy at Rosings Park in the piano room regarding Darcy.
7. Lady Catherine to a stupified Mrs. Bennet just before she drags Lizzy off to insult her in the Bennet's "prettish little wilderness."
8. Mary at a family dinner with the gardners after Lydia's elopement for the benefit of the family a large.
9. Mr. Collins to Mrs. Bennet as he leaves for Lucus Lodge in a huff after he realizes Lizzy has most certainly refused him.
10. Mrs. Bennet to Lizzy about Jane and Bingley just after Lydia proclaims her invitation to go to Brighton.

Kerry said...

1. Mr. Collins
2. Mr. Bennet
3. Jane
4. Mr. Darcy
5. Lizzy
6. Colonel Fitzwilliam
7. Lady Catherine de Bourg
8. Mary
9. Mr. Collins
10. Mrs. Bennet

Melody said...

Ah, I just realized I haven't done this yet... let me do so now. :) QUOTES QUOTES I LOVE QUOTES.

1. Heh, heh, Mr. Collins. Episode 2.

2. Mr. Bennet, episode 3.

3. Jane Bennet, episode 6.

4. Mr. Darcy, episode... 1? "Yours is a propensity to hate everyone!" "While yours is willfully to misunderstand them." :)

5. Elizabeth Bennet, episode 5.

6. Colonel Fitzwilliam, episode 3.

7. Lady Catherine de Bluuuuuugh, episode 6, I think.

8. Snort, Mary Bennet, episode 5. "Yes. Thank you, Mary."

9. Hahaha, Mr. Collins, episode 2.

10. SNORT. Mrs. Bennet, episode... uh... 4.

Melody said...

Ah, permit me to correct myself--that would be "Your DEFECT is a propensity to hate everyone!" ;)

Joan said...

1. Mr. Collins, Episode 2
2. Mr. Bennet, Episode 3
3. Jane, Episode 6
4. Mary, Episode 3
5. Lizzy, Episode 5
6. Col. Fitzwilliam, Episode 3
7. Lady Catherine, Episode 5
8. Mary, Episode 5
9. Mr. Collins, Episode 2
10. Mrs Bennet, Episode 3