Monday, September 23, 2013

Quote Quiz Answers

Thank you to everyone who participated in our latest game!  Hopefully it wasn't too difficult to identify the speakers and the episodes-- though I must say most of you did remarkably well.  Perhaps we need to up the ante.  :D  (We apologize if anyone found any aspects of the game discouraging or too hard; however, when scoring people's answers we need to stick to the rules we laid out in the original game post for the sake of fairness.  Thus, we will only count an answer as fully correct if it identifies both the speaker of the quote and the episode in which the line is spoken.  Thanks for understanding!)

Consider that it is by no means certain that another offer of marriage may be made to you.
~Mr. Collins, episode 2

My dear, do not give way to such gloomy thoughts. Let us hope for better things.
~Mr. Bennet, episode 3

If it is merely a shooting party, we shall not see him often.
~Jane, episode 6

I believe every disposition has a tendency to some particular evil.
~Mr. Darcy, episode 1

The chances of any of us making a good marriage were never very great; and now I should say, they are nonexistent.
~Lizzy, episode 5

What have you to accuse him of? I should dearly like to know how he behaves among strangers.
~Colonel Fitzwilliam, episode 3

And this must be a most inconvenient sitting-room for the evening in summer. Why, the windows are full west.
~Lady Catherine, episode 6

For a woman's reputation is no less brittle than it is beautiful. Therefore we cannot be too guarded in our behavior towards the undeserving of the other sex.
~Mary, episode 5

Resignation is never so perfect, as when the blessing denied begins to lose somewhat of its value in our estimation.
~Mr. Collins, episode 2

Well, my comfort is, she will die of a broken heart and then he'll be sorry for what he's done!
~Mrs. Bennet, episode 4

And our winner is... Melody, with all 20 points!  Check back later today for a new game!

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