Monday, April 8, 2013

Throwdown {1}: Worst P&P Cover

Here's a little amusement for the week in addition to the caption contest! :)

Throwdown: Worst P&P Cover
We all see them now and then... covers of Jane Austen novels that are a complete misrepresentation and they just kind of make you cringe. Well, I realized recently just how many awful covers for P&P there are. Since it's Jane Austen's most popular story, of course it is the most published. (I mean, don't cite me on that, but it seems reasonable. :P) So, I've chosen 10 covers and we must all vote on which one is the most horrendous. I think this might make a fun discussion, too, so be sure to comment and say what you voted for, and which other ones you think are the worst. Also, if you know of any other covers I didn't put her, do share! ;)

One begins to understand why people automatically think of P&P as "a romance"...
and good grief, did you read the blurb at the top? *grimace*

Somebody compared this one to Twilight, and I'm going to have to agree... ugh.
And again with the stupid line at the top.

Cough. No comment.

Um... interesting. I would have loved to see the rest of the illustrations. :P

Bleh. Just not JA.


This is actually the cover of the first copy I ever read... I liked the font, 
but I always thought the cover quite ugly.

If it needs to look like your typical novel in the teen section
for a teen to read it, they need to find another book.

Okay, well the cover itself is pretty but... um? 
Since when is P&P a 20th-century novel?


This one's a trick question. Sowwee, you can't vote on it.
It has an unfair disadvantage.


Hayden said...

Oooooh. You know, as much as I hate the Twlight-inspired (it was a "Bella's favorites" collection...seriously.They ruined Jane Eyre, Romeo and Juliet, and S&S with those covers, too. Although if it got teens to read it, it might be worth it....maybe they'll uncover REAL literature and become enlightened...cough, cough) some of these really are just horrible. It's going to be a choice between 1, 4, and 10, I think....

Ahhhh! the comment code is 221....I need a b!

Eloise Kate said...

I would have to say that #1 is the worst. It's so not Jane Austen! Ughh! Frankly, it makes me sick looking at it!

Eloise xxxx

Katelyn said...

I really can't say I like any of them. The only one that came to a close like was the 2005 movie cover. Just not that impressive.

Jane said...

So hard to choose! There are so many bad ones! I was laughing so hard at some.

I think ultimately, the worst would have to be number 10. The reason why? The cover seriously has NOTHING to do with P&P. It looks a little more like lurid scenes from the imagination of Catherine Morland, only with a very 20th century slant!
It looks like the cheap paper back cover done by an artist who probably hadn't a clue what the book was about!

Number 3 & 1 come close seconds though. Number 3 just looks soooo modern! I laughed out loud when I saw it. Mr Darcy & Elizabeth? yeah, right! As if! P&P in the 1960's!!
And then I cracked up over the blurb on no.1. LOL!

Charity U said...

All pretty awful, but I winced worst at #1 and #10. Wowza. Way to make 10 look rather like a bodice-ripper type of book! ummm, yuck. JA would have hated it. I'm going for's worse.

Dawn Rising said...

#10 definitely. I dont recall Darcy ever leering at and grabbing Elizabeth in such an ungentlemanlike manner.

Miss Marianne said...

Aooowww! It seriously WAS Twilight-inspired? That's just wrong!

Eloise Kate,
Very un-Jane Austen, indeed!

Haha, you aren't supposed to like any of them. That's the general idea--they're all supposed to be hideous or misrepresenting. We're voting on which one is the worst. :)

Yep, the one good thing about these is that they can make you laugh! I think 10 is the worst too... although I don't think that Catherine Morland imagined that sort of thing (although I know where you're coming from). I think her fascination and imaginings (and the novels themselves) were much more innocent than the movies make them out to be. Sliding panels, secret passages and mysterious pasts were what she liked so well.
Ugh, the blurb on #1... just ugh.

Charity U,
I know... 10 has got to be the most misrepresenting one. How anybody could put "Pride and Prejudice" on that cover I'll never know!

Caroline L. said...

Haha! O my! Each is funnier and more awful than the last! 3 and 10 are tied for worst, in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

#10 has to be the worst although #3 ran it close.

Here is a link to another bad cover - very fourties I reckon

And technically this isn't a book cover; it's a comic cover but it's too funny to pass up:

(Gotta love the line about the Bingleys!)

- The Elf

Holly said...

Oh wow, they're all pretty horrendous, but the last one is of course the worst by far!

Anna said...

10 and 3! Ughh!!! And 8... I don´t know whether I should laugh or cry?! Poor Jane Austen! What would she have said, I wonder...

Emily Coleman said...

1, 5, 6, and 8 are all awful (well they're ALL awful), but my vote goes to 10 because I have NO idea how it relates to P&P in any way, shape, or form, and it looks exactly like a trashy grocery store romance. Ugh.

Lizzie said...

1. Ugh! Yes, the blurb at the top is too cheesy. But hey, at least it's complete and unabridged copy! It looks just like a cheap historical romance though.

2. The color scheme and lighting is obviously designed just like Twilight. But minus the tagline, I think it's actually kind of pretty, and since I generally just pretend Twilight doesn't exist, I don't hate this one...

3. Yep, that's awful. Cheap 60's romance, much?

4. I would like to see the rest of the illustrations, too! This cover isn't too terrible.

5. This one is awful, though. YA fiction.

6. This looks like the cover of a weird book one might have to read for school about the history of Greece or something (I don't know why it strikes me as Greek...)

7. Very odd. I find this cover somewhat disturbing... the apparition-like figure makes me feel like it would be a story in which lots of characters would die...

8. This looks even younger than teen... like they're trying to appeal to 11-year-olds or something.

9. Looks like an "inspirational" romance.

10. And this one definitely looks like a really sleazy romance, with some horror and fantasy thrown in. Hideous! This is probably the worst.

BanrĂ­on An Gheimhridh said...

I laughed so much at this. By far the worst covers are number 8, 5, and 2 (in my opinion).

Katelyn said...

Worst of them all, huh? So many to choose from.....Picking from 1,2,8,and 10, I would say 10.