Monday, April 22, 2013

Screencap Scavenger Hunt - Answers

Sorry for the delay in getting this up, y'all!  First off, I'd like to thank everyone for participating-- and to announce that we've set a record today, because everyone who competed in this game ended up winning.  How cool is that?

No, I'm not being one of those annoying kids' event coordinators whose mantra is "everybody's a winner"-- I really mean that you all found all the right screencaps in this scavenger hunt!  Of course, no two sets of answers were alike, but that's because this game is pretty open-ended.  I loved browsing through all your choices for each item on the list.  

In case you're interested, here are the pictures I had in mind as I compiled the hunt list...

Elizabeth and Georgiana curtseying to each other

Mr. Bingley looking confused (lots of choices for this one!)


Mr. Darcy smiling (not at the wedding!).  I couldn't choose between these two-- and I was thrilled to see that you ladies came up with several other pictures as well! I see a "Proof That Mr. Darcy Does Indeed Smile" post in the near future...


Lydia Bennet wearing a bonnet (again, many choices).
Mary Bennet at the pianoforte

Mr. Darcy wearing stockings (and though I don't withdraw my statement that the stockings look ridiculous, I do realize that they were the fashion at formal events in those days, and he wasn't the only one wearing them!)

Mrs. Bennet listening at the door

Mrs. Gardiner writing a letter

Caroline Bingley drinking tea (though as some pointed out, she's technically just holding the cup in this photo)

Wicked Wickham at the seaside

Maria Lucas looking frightened (several options for this as well!).

Jane Bennet with her hair down (I had no idea there were so MANY pictures that fit this criteria... Jane seems to run around with her hair down for half the movie! KIDDING, KIDDING. This isn't Fake P&P, after all.)

Thanks for playing!

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Kathleen Wentworth said...

This was an extremely diverting and enjoyable game. I suppose the reason that everyone won was because everybody knew P&P95 so well :)! And how could anyone get tired of looking through photos after photos of our ONE AND ONLY Pride and Prejudice :)?

Thank you for compiling these lovely games.