Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Game the Sixteenth: Your General Quote Game

--For any of you who were confused at the supposedly 'blank' post yesterday, that was just an April Fool's prank. Scroll down and then highlight it and all will be revealed. ;) For those of you who figured it out and commented, I will be taking comments on either post into account.--

The quotes in P&P, as we know, are one of the best things about the movie. So today, here is a challenge to recognize some of them. Usually it seems we do something a bit more challenging like making you finish the quote or whatever, but to be honest I'm a bit starved for ideas at present so I'm just going to throw some random ones out there, and your job is to guess who said them. Oh, wait, we'll add a bit more of a challenge and make you guess what episode they come from, too.

And, of course, do not cheat and peek at the quotes although it may be easy to. ;)

5 points for each correctly-guessed character and another 5 for guessing the right episode. Have fun! Answers will be posted on Saturday.

1. Yes, yes, but this is all extremely vexing.  I am QUITE put out!

2. I think one would be willing to put up with a good deal to be mistress of Pemberley.

3. I am resigned. Resignation is never so perfect, as when the blessing denied begins to lose somewhat of its value in our estimation. 

4. What's the matter, Mamma? Why do you keep winking at me? What am I to do?

5. Well, well, what do we live for, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?

6. The very rich can afford to give offense wherever they go. We need not care for their good opinion.

7. Well, we must allow her to be an excellent walker, I suppose. But her appearance this morning—she really looked almost wild. 

8. I know you find great enjoyment in professing opinions which are not your own.

9. We must stem the tide of malice, and pour into each other's wounded bosoms the balm of sisterly consolation.

10. You think that, Jane, if it gives you comfort.


Lizzie said...

1. Lady Catherine - Episode 3
2. Mrs. Gardiner - Episode 4
3. Mr. Collins - Episode 2
4. Kitty Bennet - Episode 6
5. Mr. Bennet - Episode 6
6. Lizzy Bennet - Episode 1
7. Mrs. Hurst - Episode 1
8. Mr. Darcy - Episode 3
9. Mary Bennet - Episdoe 5
10. Mr. Bennet - Episode 5

Well, now I feel like all my episode guesses are wrong, since numbers from the same episodes are all next to each other, except for the two 3's. I have such a difficult time keeping the episodes sorted in my memory!

Livia Rachelle said...

1. Lady Catherine, episode 3?-well, it is disc two, I forgot how many episodes you all said there were-Emma and North and South were 4-I think, but it seems this was 6. I will just not even try.
2. Mrs. Gardiner
3. Hah, Mr. Collins. Actually, sir, I do believe it is quite the opposite.
4. Kitty-I would be apt to be oblivious just like she-I canna help it.
5. Mr. Bennet
6. Lizze
7. Miss Bingley
8. Darcy
9. Mary
10. Mr. Bennet. One of my favorite quotes-I love his sarcasm

Anonymous said...

1. Lady C de B. Episode 4
2. Mrs. Gardiner Episode 4
3. Lizzy. Episode 6
4. Kitty. Episode 6
5. Mr. Bennet. Episode 3?
6. Lizzy. Episode 2?
7. Caroline? Episode 1
8. Mr. Darcy. Episode 2
9. Mary. Episode 5
10. Mr. Bennet. Episode 5

Do we get a second go for incorrect answers? :)

-The Elf

Miss Margaret Dashwood said...

1.Lady Catherine~ episode four
2.Mrs Gardiner~ episode four
3.Mr. Collins~ episode two
4.Kitty~ episode six
5.Mr. Bennet~ episode six
6.Elizabeth~episode one
7.Mrs. Hurst~ episode one
8.Mr. Darcy~ episode three
9.Mary~ episode five
10.Mr. Bennet~ episode five

Miss Marianne said...

Your score is 95! :) The only thing you missed was the episode on #1. (That one can be tricky!) Excellent!

Livia Rachelle,
Your score is currently 45. The only one you got wrong was #7. Your episode guess on #1 was close... if you want to try the episodes, feel free. :) Yes, there are six episodes. That's not a secret for this game. Haha. ;)

The Elf,
Okay, let's see if I can get this straight. Your score is 70. You missed both on #3; on #7 you have the right episode but not the right person; on 5, 6, and 8 the wrong episodes but the right people. :)
You can guess one more time if you like. :D

Miss Margaret Dashwood,
Excellent! You have 100! :D

Emily said...

I am not sure if my first comment was published - I think I missed the verification code - so I'll try again just in case:

1-Lady Catherine, ep.4
2-Aunt Gardiner, ep.4
3-Mr. Collins, ep. 2
4-Kitty, ep. 6
5-Mr. Bennet, ep. 6
6-Lizzy, ep. 1
7-Louisa Hurst, ep.1
8-Mr. Darcy, ep. 1
9-Mary Bennet, ep. 5
10-Mr. Bennet, ep. 5

Sorry for any inconvenience!


Miss Marianne said...

You're right, apparently the first one didn't go through because this is the first one I saw. :)
The only one you missed was the episode for #8, so your score is 95! Great job!