Monday, April 22, 2013

Game the Nineteenth: Name the Actor

This game is very simple: it just tests your knowledge of the actors' names from P&P95. Five years ago I recognized hardly any actors names... now I recognize all sorts, although most of them are British! :)

Anyways. I'll give you the character name, and then you guess the actor who played the character. 2 points each, for a total of 20 (or 25 if you happen to know the extra credit). You can guess up to two times. Play from memory!! 

1) Col. Fitzwilliam

2) Charlotte Lucas

3) Charles Bingley

4) Georgiana Darcy

5) Harriet Forster

6) Jane Bennet

7) Lady Catherine de Bourgh

8) Louisa Hurst

9) Mary Bennet

10) Mr. Bennet

And I've got to do something really obscure for extra credit (let's say, 5 points if you can really get this from memory) --
Sarah the Maid

Answers will come on Saturday.


Jane said...

I'm going to be so hopeless at this one!
I mean, I know who played Mr Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet. Who else do I need to know!
1) ?
2) ?
3) Crispin Bonham-Carter
4) Emilia Fox
5) ?
6) Susannah Harker/Haper
7) ?, She played Lady Hawwiet's mother in Wives & Daughters, Ok I know that doesn't count!
8) ?
9) Lucy Briars....?
10) ?

Miss Margaret Dashwood said...

1- ?
2- ?
3-Crispin Bonham-Carter
4-Emilia Fox
6-Susannah Harker
7-Barbara Leigh Hunt
9-Lucy Briers
10-Benjamin Whitrow