Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Us Game: Answers

1.  How did we meet each other?

We met when Miss Marianne began following (and commenting on) Miss Dashwood's blog-- technically Amy first followed Melody's blog, but we didn't mutually acknowledge each other's existence until Melody found Amy's blog so we say that we met when Melody left her first comment on Yet Another Period Drama Blog.

2.  Who discovered P&P first?

Miss Dashwood, the summer she was fourteen.  (Miss Marianne followed soon after, though her first exposure to Jane Austen came through Sense and Sensibility.)

3.  When did we first see each other in real life, and how many times has this happened?

We met in real life on July 9th, 2013, and sadly this delightful event has happened only once thus far. WE DO NOT INTEND FOR IT TO BE THE LAST TIME THOUGH.

4.  Were we knowledgeable about Jane Austen before we actually read her books?

No-- in fact, we knew very little about her life at all.

5.  Which is our favorite film version of Mansfield Park?

The 1983 miniseries, though we by no means call it perfect-- we heartily wish the BBC would make a new, delightful, true-to-the-book and fascinating adaptation.

6.  Which of us began blogging first?

Melody did, in January of 2011.

7.  Which is our second-favorite Jane Austen movie (after P&P95, of course)?

Emma (2009).  It is practically perfect in every way, and is in fact the only Jane Austen adaptation (to date) that we have seen together in real life. (Not that the blogging world isn't real, but you know what I mean.  :D)

8.  Who created the Which P&P Miss Are You? quiz?

Miss Marianne.

9.  Which of us has had real-life experience with English Country Dancing?

Melody again (and I don't know why I'm using the Misses and our real names interchangeably-- I suppose I enjoy befuddling you.)

10.  Which of us prefers the 1995 adaptation of Persuasion to the 2007 one?

Miss Dashwood indubitably prefers the 1995 version, but Miss Marianne has a hard time deciding and concedes that both have their merits and faults.

11.  What is "probably" Miss Marianne's favorite part of P&P95?  (the word probably is used as Miss Marianne used it, and is meant to be taken to mean that it is very difficult to pick a favorite scene above all others.)

In Melody's own words in the comments on this post, "My favorite part of the movie is probably the bit at Pemberley. Beginning when she visits the grounds up until Lydia's elopement."

12.  Find us on the blog.  You'll know us when you see us. ;D

We were located on The Music page, and here is the picture in which we appeared.

Oh!!! You FOUND us!

And our winner is... The Elf!  All three ladies who participated did EXTREMELY well, however... thanks to all who played!

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