Monday, October 7, 2013

Game the Thirty-Ninth: The One About Us

This game is just a wee bit different from the norm... in honor of the two years and four days that Miss Marianne and Miss Dashwood have known each other, this week's game will focus on trivia facts about them and their friendship.  (It's not narcissism if there are two people involved.  Fact.)  The quiz is fairly simple, and all of the answers can be found somewhere on this blog.  You may have to dig deeper for some facts than for others, of course.  :D

1.  How did we meet each other?

2.  Who discovered P&P first?

3.  When did we first see each other in real life, and how many times has this happened?

4.  Were we knowledgeable about Jane Austen before we actually read her books?

5.  Which is our favorite film version of Mansfield Park?

6.  Which of us began blogging first?

7.  Which is our second-favorite Jane Austen movie (after P&P95, of course)?

8.  Who created the Which P&P Miss Are You? quiz?

9.  Which of us has had real-life experience with English Country Dancing?

10.  Which of us prefers the 1995 adaptation of Persuasion to the 2007 one?

11.  What is "probably" Miss Marianne's favorite part of P&P95?  (the word probably is used as Miss Marianne used it, and is meant to be taken to mean that it is very difficult to pick a favorite scene above all others.)

12.  Find us on the blog.  You'll know us when you see us. ;D

Have fun!


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

So I think I should know most of these so I'm going to try and answer without looking up the answers on the blog! hehe :)

1. Through blogging!

2. Miss Dashwood? Yeah, a guess an I'm not going to look it up. O.o

3. "See" as in Skype or do you mean meet? You met in person for the first time July, 2013 and it's only happened once.

4. Yes, you had at least heard of her and were probably both made to watch P&P95.

5. Mansfield Park (1983), simply the best!

6. Miss Marianne! :)

7. Emmer...I mean Emma (2009)

8. Miss Marianne wasn't it?

9. Miss Marianne. Again. I feel like a broken record.

10. Miss Dashwood. Amy, my true friend and ally! haha ;)

11. Is it the scene where Lizzy and Mr. Darcy dance? Total guess and because I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere on the blog (well, I did try for a while).

12. With the parasol on "The Music" page! I did have to look for that! :)

That was fun! :)

Anonymous said...

1.You met each other by following each other's blogs and commenting on them.


3. You saw each other in real life July 9th 2013 and this has only happened once.

4. I'll say no, although Melody sort of knew about JA before reading her books as she saw some of the films.


6. Melody

7. Emma 2009

8. Melody

9. Melody

10. Amy

11. In Melody's exact words: "from the part they go to Pemberley up until Lydia's scandal"

12. Here in the middle of the music links.

- The Elf

Joan said...

A very fun game!
My answers are:
1. I believe you met via blog. Miss Dashwood followed Miss Marianne's blog.
2. I believe it was Miss Dashwood.
3. You met in real life on July 9th, 2013. It is the only time you have met in real life. I believe you were together for about a week or so.
4. From what I can tell you were not very knowledgeable of Jane Austen before you read her books. You have, fortunately, fixed that problem. :)
5. The BBC 1983 version
6. Miss Marianne began blogging first.
7. I do believe it is Emma 2009.
8. Miss Marianne. Great job! I love it!
9. Miss Marianne. I love ECD!!
10. Miss Dashwood prefers it.
11."The LOOK" Love that scene!
12. On the page with the music links. I love your outfits!
Thank for a lot of fun sir . . . sorry ladies.
P.S. That last line is from Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss