Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guess the Dress - Answers

The answers to the recent dress game, with my comments and compliments.

Caroline Bingley
(Dare I say I actually like this dress?)

Maria Lucas
(Sorry, ladies, this one was a bit harder, since it's only the back)

Lydia Bennet
(Probably her most modest outfit.  Ahem.)

Elizabeth Bennet
(What a marvelous fichu she has on...)

Mrs. Jenkinson
(Her gowns have more personality than she does)

Elizabeth Bennet
(not the most flattering stripe)

Charlotte Lucas
(I want her teapot!)

Mrs. Gardiner
(Interesting sort of cape thingy... anyone know what it's called?)

Jane Bennet
(I think she may be wearing a sleeveless spencer over it as well)

Elizabeth Bennet
(probably my favorite of her white print dresses-- and the look on Jane's face never fails to make me giggle)

And now for our winners!  Congratulations to... Caroline L., Katrina of Edelweiss Patterns, Emily and Sarah!  You ladies really know your dresses.  :D

Check back Monday for a new diversion!

1 comment:

Melody said...

Haha, should have gone with my first instinct. As usual. (Which is that the first one was Miss Bingley. ;) ) Wonder why she has a ring on her left ring finger, though? Or is that just her knuckle? :P