Monday, March 25, 2013

Game the Fifteenth: Guess That Dress

Rather self-explanatory, I believe.  Here are ten pictures of dresses from the lovely wardrobes of P&P, with the ladies' heads cropped out so as not to make this too easy.  :D Your job is to identify the character wearing each dress.  Results and a winner will be posted Saturday!











Have fun!


Caroline L. said...

Oooo! I LOVE Guess the Dress games! Here goes:

1. Caroline Bingley
2. Maria Lucas
3. Lydia
4. Lizzy
5. Mrs.Jenkins
6. Lizzy
7. Charlotte
8. Mrs Gardiner
9. Jane
10. Lizzy

Doing this reminds me how much I love the costumes in this show, especially Lizzy's gowns!

Melody said...

{Note: If you want me to forward the guesses to you, let me know.}

Oooh yay!! Last time we had this game I did it so I couldn't play! ;)

1. Either Louisa Hurst or Caroline Bingley, I think... I'll go with the former, as she has a wedding band. ;)

2. Maria Lucas

3. Lydia Bennet

4. Elizabeth Bennet

5. Ummm... haha. Wow. Mrs. Jenkinson? :P

6. Lizzy

7. Charlotte Collins

8. Mrs. Gardiner?

9. Jane Bennet

10. Elizabeth :)

Excessively diverting, m'dear. :)

Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Ooo, fun! Here I go:

1. Miss Bingley
2.Mariah Lucas
3.Lydia Bennet - this is my favorite dress of hers!
4.Elizabeth Bennet
5.Mrs. Jenkins, I think, at Lady Catherine's house
6.Elizabeth Bennet (her first proposal from Mr. Darcy dress, though in a different location)
7.Charlotte Lucas/Collins "Oh, you *do* look pale, Lizzy!"
8.Mrs. Gardiner/Aunt Gardiner
9.Jane Bennet - love the unusual overbodice/vest thing
10.Elizabeth Bennet

Lydia said...

1) Caroline bingley
2)Maria lucus
3) Lydia Bennett
4) lizzy
5) lady Catherine de bourgh
6) lizzy
7) Charlotte Collins (lucus) 
8) mrs. Gardiner
9) kitty
10) lizzy

Kiri Liz said...

1. I want to say Mrs. Hurst.

2. Maria Lucas

3. Lydia

4. Elizabeth

5. Lady Catherine de Bourgh

6. Elizabeth (isn't that the infamous proposal scene dress?)

7. Charlotte Collins (delicately pouring tea while Mr. Collins grunts like a pig with a full face beside her)

8. Mrs. Gardiner

9. Jane

10. Elizabeth

Lizzie said...

1. I believe this is Mrs. Hurst.
2. Maria Lucas
3. Lydia Bennet
4. Lizzy Bennet
5. Oh dear. I wanted to say Lady Catherine, but I think this might actually be Mrs. Jenkins... isolated, it seems a bit fancy, but I don't think it's quite flamboyant enough to be one of Lady Catherine's gowns. But now I'm second-guessing myself... is it Mrs. Jenkins?
6. Lizzy again, I think.
7. Mrs. Bennet
8. Aunt Gardiner
9. Jane
10. Lizzy

Livia Rachelle said...

1. Miss Bingley?
2. Mariah
3. Lydia
4. Lizzie
5. Mrs. Gardiner?
6. Lizzy
7. Charlotte Collins née Lucus
8.Mrs. Gardiner
9. Lizzy?
I would chop out the headdress bits and necklaces and chemisettes and foregrounds as those are give-aways too.

Emily said...

Here are my answers:

1 - Miss Bingley - the breakfast scene at Netherfield after Jane & Elizabeth have just left.

2 - Maria

3 - Lydia - the breakfast scene when the Bennet family first hear of Mr. Collins' coming.

4 - Lizzy - I believe this is the dress she wore during Mr. Collins' proposal, but she may have worn it other times.

5 - Mrs. Jenkinson - at Rosings, obviously, in the parlour/sitting room.

6 - Elizabeth - she wears this dress during Mr. Darcy's first proposal at Hunsford Parsonage (Teigh Old Rectory) :)

7 - Charlotte Collins. The breakfast scene at Hunsford the morning after Mr. Darcy's first proposal.

8 - Aunt Gardiner - during Lizzy's and Aunt & Uncle Gardiner's visit to Pemberley.

9 - Jane - not too sure when this is.

10 - Elizabeth again. This is during the scene where Mr. Collins comes to convey "his most sincere condolences on the elopement of your youngest sister" (or something to that effect!).

Thanks - that was fun! Sorry if I put extra info on there - I just wanted to see how far my P&P95 knowledge would grow - it has expanded greatly since the founding of this blog! Thanks once again for such a great blog!


Jane said...

1. Caroline Bingley
2. Maria Lucas
3. ?Lydia Bennet?
4. Elizabeth Bennet
5. ?Aunt Philips?
6. Elizabeth Bennet
7. Charlotte Collins (nee Lucas)
8. ?Aunt Gardiner?
9. Jane Bennet
10. Jane Bennet

Sarah said...

Here we go!
#1 Caroline Bingley
#2 Mariah Lucas
#3 Lydia Bennet
#4 Lizzie Bennet
#5 Mrs Jenkins (Anne's companion)
#6 Lizzie Bennet
#7 Charlotte Lucas (except in this photo, Collins!)
#8 Mrs Gardner
#9 Jane Bennet
#10 Lizzie Bennet

Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Hi there! I'm hoping you got my comment, because I got it sent in probably within half an hour of the post going online. Just in case, I'll try to remember what I wrote:

1. Caroline Bingley
2.Mariah Lucas
3. Lydia
4. Elizabeth
5. Mrs. Jenkins - Anne's maid/tutor
6. Elizabeth
7.Charlotte Lucas Collins
8.Aunt Gardiner (Mrs. Gardiner)
9. Jane
10. Elizabeth

Eloise Kate said...

Ok. let's see how I go!

1.Miss Bingley
5.Lady Catherine de Bourgh
7.Mrs Bennet
8.Mrs Gardiner