Monday, May 13, 2013

Game the Twenty-Second: Fill-in-the-blanks Quote Game

I'm kind of starved for ideas, girls. And when that happens I always turn to quotes.  So, everybody, here is a test on, not how well you know who said what and in what episode like last time, but what they said. For each correctly-filled blank (could be one to three words) you will get five points; total of one hundred possible.

Mary: Unhappy as the event must be for Lydia,  we must draw from it this useful lesson: that loss of virtue in a female is _________ {1 word}.
Mrs. Gardiner: My dear Mary, this is hardly helpful.
Mary: For a woman's reputation is no less brittle than it is beautiful. Therefore we cannot be too guarded in our behavior towards the _________ {1 word} of the other sex.
Elizabeth: Yes... thank you, Mary.

"I am determined that nothing but the very deepest love will induce me into matrimony. So, I shall end an old maid, and teach your ten children to __________________ {2 words} and ___________________ {3 words} very ill!"

Elizabeth: She is full young to be out much in company. But really, ma'am, I think it would be very hard upon younger sisters, that they not have their share of ________________ {3 words}, simply because their elder sisters have not the means or inclination to marry early. 
Lady Catherine: Upon my word!  You give your opinion very ________ {1 word} for so young a person.

Mrs. Gardiner: Is this the proud Darcy you told us of? He’s all ______________ {3 words}, no false dignity at all!
Elizabeth: I'm as astonished as you are. I can't imagine what has affected this __________ {1 word}.
Mrs. Gardiner: Can you not?

Mr. Collins: She is unfortunately of a sickly constitution which unhappily prevents her being in town. And by that means, as I told Lady Catherine myself one day, she has deprived the British court of its ____________ {2 words}.  You may imagine, sir, how happy I am on every occasion to offer those delicate little compliments which are always acceptable to ladies.
Mr. Bennet: It is fortunate for you, Mr. Collins, that you possess such an extraordinary talent for _______________ {3 words}. May I ask whether these pleasing attentions proceed from the impulse of the moment, or are they the result of previous study?

Lady Catherine: ____________ {2 words} girl! I'm ashamed of you. I have not been in the habit of brooking disappointment!
Elizabeth: That will make your ladyship's situation at present more ________ {1 word}, but it will have no effect on me.

Elizabeth: I remember hearing you once say that you hardly ever forgave, that your resentment once 
created was ________ {1 word}. You are very careful, are you not, in allowing your resentment to be 
Darcy: I am.
Elizabeth: And never allow yourself to be blinded by prejudice?
Darcy: I hope not. May I ask to what _______________ {3 words}?
Elizabeth: Merely to the illustration of your character; I am trying to make it out.


Elizabeth: Do you mean to frighten me, Mr Darcy, by coming in all this state to hear me? But I won't be 
alarmed; my courage always rises with every ________________ {3 words} me.
Mr. Darcy: I know you find _____________ {2 words} in professing opinions which are not your own.
Elizabeth: Your cousin would teach you not to believe a word I say, Colonel Fitzwilliam. That is 
ungenerous of him, is it not?
Col. Fitzwilliam: It is indeed, Darcy!
Elizabeth: Impolitic, too, for it provokes me to retaliate and say somewhat of his behavior in 
Hertfordshire which may shock his relations.


Mrs Bennet: I don't know what will become of us all, indeed I do not! And I cannot bear to think of 
Charlotte Lucas being mistress of this house! That I should be forced to __________ {2 words} for her 
and live to see her take my place in it!
Mr Bennet: My dear, do not give way to such _____________ {2 words}. Let us hope for better things; let us 
flatter ourselves, that I might outlive you.


"And this is your opinion of me. My faults by this calculation are __________! {2 words} But perhaps 
these offences might have been overlooked had not your pride been hurt by the honest 
confession of the scruples which had long prevented my forming any serious design on you. 
Had I ______________ {3 words} and flattered you. But disguise of every sort is my abhorrence."
~Mr. Darcy


Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Ah! Now *this* is my idea of a smashing Regency game! All right, let's see how much I remember:

1. "Irretrievable", and "Undeserving"
2. "embroider cushions",;"play the instrument"
3. "society and amusement";"Decidedly"
4. "ease and politeness", "transformation"
5. "brightest ornament"; "flattering with delicacy"
6. "Obstinate, headstrong"; "pitiable"
7. "implacable"; "these questions turn"
8."attempt to intimidate"; "great pleasure"
9. "make way"; "gloomy thoughts"
10. "heavy indeed"; "concealed my struggle"

Katy-Anne said...

This is tougher than I expected...I *know* all of these quotes, but the specific words are hard to remember.

2.embroider cushions, play their instruments

4. ease and affability?, transformation

5. brightest light, don't know

6. most obstinate?, pitiable (LOVE that part)

7. implacable?, these questions tend

8. attempt to intimidate, great pleasure


Caroline L. said...

1. irretrievable... undeserving
2. embroider cushions... play their instruments (love that part!)
3. society and amusement...decidedly
4. ease and friendliness...transformation (Oh, can you not, Lizzy? We all KNOW what it was ;))
5. brightest ornament...flattering with delicacy (*snicker*)
6. Unfeeling, selfish...pitiable
7. implacable...these questions tend (always enjoyed the way she snapped out the word "implacable")
8. attempt to intimidate...great enjoyment
9. make way...gloomy thoughts
10. heavy indeed...concealed my struggles

Miss Marianne said...

Glad it pleased you! :)
On #2, the second blank was partially correct but not quite exact.
On #4, the third word on Blank 1 was incorrect (and I make the same mistake myself with that one!)
On #7, you missed the third word of Blank 2.
On #8, you missed the second word of Blank 2.
According to my calculations this will give you a score of 92 (you got all of them at least partially right, so I gave you 3 or 4 of the 5 points depending). Good job!

On #4, the third word for Blank 1 was incorrect.
On #5, you missed the second word for blank 1.
On #6 you got one of the two words for Blank 1.
On #8, the second word for Blank 2 was incorrect.
1, 3, Blank 2 on 5, 9 and 10 were left unanswered (for the record in case you want to try at them later.)
Your score is 46 points. Thanks for playing!

Caroline L.,
Excellent! You got everything right except for Blank 1 on #6, in which you were getting confused with another line. Feel free to guess again.
Your score is 95 points. :)
(And I know what you mean about the first word in #7! ;) )

Caroline L. said...

Oh! I think I know on number 6. Is it "obstinate, headstrong" girl? Lady Catherine has the quite the bevy of adjectives. Hehe.

Lizzie said...

Yay, I love quote games! =D

1. "irretrievable" and "undeserving"
2. "embroider cushions" and "play their instruments"
3. "amusement" and "decidedly"
4. "ease and friendliness" and "transformation."
5. "brightest ornament" and "flattering with delicacy"
6. Oh dear, I can't remember... is this "selfish, unfeeling" or was Lady Catherine calling her something else? The other is "pitiable" I believe.
7. "implacable" and "these questions tend"
8. "attempt to intimidate" and "great pleasure"
9. "make way" and "gloomy thoughts"
10. "heavy indeed" and "concealed my pride"

Great fun!

Livia Rachelle said...

1.irretrievable, undesirable
2. embroider pincushions, play the pianoforte
3.???, decidedly
4. sweetness and kindness?, change
5. finest ornament or brightest jewel or some such combination! flattering with delicacy
6. Insolent girl "gel" as she puts it, uncomfortable or difficult
7. irremovable? or something like,these questions tend
8. challenge? great pleasure
9. step down or give way, despairing thoughts
10. grave indeed, sheltered? your pride

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. This looks harder than I thought it'd be...

1.irretrievable; charms?,draw? and play the piano

3.parties and balls

4.ease and charm; change? transformation?

5. brightest jewel; ?

6.Rude, insolent?; pitiable

7.?; these questions aim

8.?; great enjoyment

9.make way; morbid? thoughts?

10.heavy indeed;something something you

- The Elf

Miss Marianne said...

Caroline L.,
Yes! 100 points! :)

On #3, you got one of the three words for Blank 1 right.
On #6; Lady Catherine does say that at one point but not during that part. If you think of it feel free to try again.
On #8, Blank 2, you were close but the second word was not quite right.
On #10, the last word on Blank 2 was incorrect.
This brings your score to 88. Good job! Thanks for playing.

Livia Rachelle,
Your guess for Blank 2 on #1 was not quite right.
On #2, you were close on both but not quite there. (I'll give partial credit.)
Your guesses on #4 were incorrect.
On #5, Blank 2 you sort of got it right but as you put two different combinations it's hard to score. If you're a little more specific you could get it right. :)
Your guesses on #6 were incorrect.
On #7, Blank 1 you had the right idea but not quite the right word. :)
On #8, your guess for Blank 1 was incorrect, Blank 2 partially correct.
Both on #9 incorrect (but partially correct).
Your guesses on #10 were incorrect.
Your current score is 36. Thanks for playing!

The Elf,
Yeah, exact quotes can be tricky! ;)
Your guess on #1, Blank 2 was incorrect.
Your guesses on #2 were incorrect (although Blank 2 was partly right).
Your guesses on #3 were incorrect.
For #4, Blank 1 was partially correct.
Ditto for #5.
Your guess for Blank 1 on #6 was incorrect.
Blank 2 on #7 was partially correct.
Your guess on #9, Blank 2 was partially correct.
You can still guess on 5--blank 2, 7--Blank 1, 8--blank 1, and 10--blank 2. (Also you can re-guess on some others.)
Your current score is 40. Thanks for playing!

Lizzie said...

On #3, you got one of the three words for Blank 1 right. - Oh, haha, I didn't even fill in the other two, did I? I was in a bit of a hurry when I did this, I should have waited.
Okay, so I think it's "amusement and society" or maybe "society" is first?

On #6; Lady Catherine does say that at one point but not during that part. If you think of it feel free to try again.
Yeah, I didn't think that was right. It's just some kind of exclamation isn't it, like "good gracious"... but I'm not struck with conviction.

On #8, Blank 2, you were close but the second word was not quite right.
Hehehe, now I don't even remember what I said. Is it "enjoyment"?

On #10, the last word on Blank 2 was incorrect.
Oh dear! This is one of my favorite parts! I used to be able to quote the whole thing, and now I have no idea what the correct word is, although I think I remember what I said the first time and it was a very silly mistake. And I'm going to feel even sillier when I find out what the answer is!

Oh well, clearly I haven't watched P&P recently enough! =D
Thanks, I enjoyed playing!

Miss Marianne said...

Your updated score is 92! :)