Monday, May 13, 2013

Degrees of Separation {2} Answers and Winner

Colin Firth was in P&P (as Mr. Darcy) 

with David Bamber  (as Mr. Collins) who was in Miss Potter (as Fruing Warne )

with Ewan MacGregor (as Norman Warne) who was in Emma 1996 (as Frank Churchill)

with Sophie Thompson (as Miss Bates) who was in Persuasion 1995 (as Mary Musgrove)

with Victoria Hamilton (as Henrietta Musgrove) who was in Lark Rise to Candleford (as Ruby Pratt)

with Claudie Blakley (as Emma Timmins) who was in Cranford (as Martha-the-maid)

with Simon Woods (as Dr. Harrison) who was in Fake P&P (as Mr. Bingley)

with Judi Dench (as Lady Catherine de Bourgh) who was in Jane Eyre 2011 (as Mrs. Fairfax)

with Harry Lloyd (as Richard Mason) who was in Great Expectations 2011 (as Herbert Pocket)

with Gillian Anderson (as Miss Havisham) who was in Bleak House (as Lady Dedlock)

with Joanna David (as Mrs. Badger) who was in P&P (as Mrs. Gardiner)

with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy!

Congratulations to Melody who got all her answers right without looking up any.  It's a good thing I didn't let her see this post before it published after all.  :D Thanks for being patient, everyone!

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Emily said...

Ha! That of the fake Mr. Bingley is hilarious!
Simon Woods is much better in Cranford!