Friday, June 6, 2014

Dot-to-Dots, Chocolate and Blog Followers

For no reason whatsoever, here is a picture of
Mr. Bingley gazing wistfully at a pink rose.

Eighty-five followers!  What felicity this is!  Here we are at a bit of a milestone... and yes, it’s taken us a while to actually write this post.  We’re sorry.  But hey, we do have some Interesting Things brewing on the back-burner of this blog (which we are careful to turn off when we’re not attending to it-- we took fire safety in third grade just like you).

Now, back to what we were talking about.  Followers.  Eighty-five is nice, but it would be even NICER if we reached a nice, round, three-digit-ed 100… and that is the goal we are now pushing towards.  Not that that was a hint or anything.  Well, okay, it kind of was.

Basically what we’re trying to say is FOLLOW THIS BLOG AND WE WILL GIVE YOU PRIZES.

What kind of prizes?  Well, we can’t give away ALL our secrets, can we?  But remember the giveaway we had last year?  That was pretty fuuun, yes?

Draw your own conclusions. :D

In case you can’t draw, we’ll give you a dot-to-dot.
Dot One: This blog currently has 85 followers.
Dot Two: Once we reach 100 followers, we will have a Fantastic Giveaway.
Dot Three: [x number] fortunate followers will receive Fantastic Prizes.
Dot Four: Everyone will love us forever and this blog will become famous.

Okay, maybe one of those is a bit of a stretch but you get the idea.

So, Enthusiastic Readers, if you are indeed enthusiastic, feel free to do things liiike talking about us on your blog and telling friends and things like that, because the sooner we have 100 followers, the sooner Nice Things Will Happen.

And as we all know, dangling a carrot in front of people’s noses is the way to get them to do things.  Not that we’re treating you with condescension or anything... um... Miss Marianne, do you think this blog post is a little odd?

Of course it is.  Why would we dangle carrots in front of people?  CHOCOLATE is the answer.  *nods emphatically*

Naturally.  We can’t promise there will be chocolate in the prizes, though.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been following and keeping up with our eccentricity!
And now this post comes to an abrupt and awkward end.


Update: It's about to get bigger and better-- the next fifteen followers (that is, 86-100) will automatically get an entry, as long as they claim it. :)


Eponine Castleonacloud said...

I believe i am a member(: (that is, if i am the only eponine!)
BTW are you doing the give-a-ways outside of the US? such as NZ? hehe!
If so COOL! If not, um, oh.
Eponine {:

Miss Marianne said...

That is indeed you! :)
I'm really not sure yet how we're going to manage that-- it might just be for U.S. but we'll see what we can do. ;) Last time we had a digital print prize that could work for anybody.

The Author said...

As of 9/9/2014 I have just sent in my request for a membership as a level 3.5 and have "followed" your blog. Does that mean that I am magic?
Wait? I have followed your blog? But that implies that I have ceased following. I think I meant that I am following your blog. But at this exact moment in time, I am comment and not following anything.
Aha! I have subscribed to your blog and activated my subscription.
The Author

Do I get something special?