Friday, July 26, 2013

How I Met P&P95: The Elf

I was unaware of the existence of P&P 1995 and even of the existence of Pride & Prejudice, the book, until I was about 14.  My sister chose to study the book for a school project - first time she read it too - and later told me in detail all about the story she had come to love.  Shortly afterwards, some friends lent us several movies that they thought we might enjoy.  Among them, was P&P95.  Since I prefer to read the book before seeing the screenplay, I sat down and read Pride and Prejudice.  Although I was expecting a writing style similar to that of Charles Dickens - 1800s and all that - I was most pleasantly diverted.  The freshness, wit and appeal of Pride and Prejudice were a joy to read.

Although the picture of Darcy on the front cover of P&P95 was slightly disconcerting - "He's very hairy" was my sister's comment - I eagerly anticipated watching the TV series.  I have to say, it surpassed my wildest dreams.  The delight or realizing after the first episode that there were 4 more hours was a highlight.  The fact that the movie stuck so closely to the book was a thrill.  The novel experience of seeing actors who actually looked like they should, the stunning scenery, the beautiful music.... There is no doubt about it, when it comes to a period drama adaption, BBC does it best!

--The Elf

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