Monday, February 18, 2013

Game the Tenth: The Soundtrack Game

Several years ago, in the summer of 2010 I believe it was, I listened to the soundtrack to P&P95 for the first time. I was borrowing the CD from a friend, and took it with me on a trip, using a handheld CD player thing to listen to it over and over and over and over. I'd brought a few other CDs (this was before the days of my MP3 player--I/my family tend to get new stuff about 5-10 years later than when "everybody" seems to have them, BTW, and then it is not the cool kind--and you know what? I like it that way) but I was strangely addicted to that one. And then of course it was fun to see the movie all over again with the songs I knew so well by then.

Anyways. I'd actually play a game with myself, where I'd put it on shuffle and then not look and try to guess which track number and song title it was. (Since I was looking at the CD cover a great deal, I started knowing those things by heart.) I never found anybody else who wanted to do that with me, though, so today I am appealing to all you P&P95 fans to do it. ;) Well, a similar thing anyways.

The 4-minute video below contains clips (about 20-30 seconds each) of ten different songs from the soundtrack. It is your job to identify these. There are three different things to guess--the title of the song, a brief description of what's going on in the movie when the song (or that particular part of the song) is playing, and the track number. 

As for points, if you get all three categories for a song, that's 5 points. (The total, then, is 50 points, but since it's even like that it can also be a high score of 100%, and I may choose to work with percentages. I feel so teacherly that way, and teacherly is fun.) The title and description are worth 2 points each, and the track number is worth 1. (Just because I think that's the hardest, and I'm making it worth less so that your score can be higher even if you don't have those down. Not all of you probably sat there looking at the track number & CD booklet like I did... and even that was over two years ago. Here's a hint, in case you want to try random guessing: there is a total of 24 tracks on the soundtrack.) 

Everything clear? As mud? Well, try your best. ;) Guesses will be accepted through Friday, with answers and results posted on Saturday, as always. (That's the 23rd, in case you really wanted to know.)

Oh, and in the video I'm using Roman Numerals so that the song number in the video won't get confused with your track number guesses. (Come to think of it, I'm not exactly sure why I didn't just spell them out. DUH. Well it's done now... you may do that in your answers if you choose.)

If you're coming back to guess again, this list of when the songs start may assist you:
I/One) 0:10
II/Two) 0:30
III/Three) 0:49
IV/Four) 1:14
V/Five) 1:47
VI/Six) 2:13
VII/Seven) 2:33
VIII/Eight) 2:54
IX/Nine) 3:17
X/Ten) 3:37

Thanks for playing!!


Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Wow! That's quite a quiz! Okay, here are my answers:

One: Track Title:"Lydia's Elopement" Track Number:18 Scene Description: Mr. Darcy in London trying to track down Wickham & Lydia.

Two: Track Title:"The Gardiners" Track Number:7 Scene Description: Aunt & Uncle Gardiner (and children) arrive at Longbourn to stay with the Bennets. Their carriage is greeted by a flurry of excited Bennets who are more than happy to see them. :)

Three: Track Title:"Thinking About Lizzy" Track Number:17 Scene Description: After Elizabeth & Aunt & Uncle Gardiner have left Pemberly for the evening, Mr. Darcy travels back into the music room/parlor with his dogs and a candle in hand to recall Elizabeth playing the piano and singing, "Voi Che Sapete" - in English!

Four: Track Title:"Telling the Truth" Track Number:12 Scene Description: Mr. Darcy is narrating the story (while he's writing his letter to Elizabeth) of how his sister Georgiana nearly eloped with George Wickham. At this point he's talking about "...a Mrs. Young, in whose character we were most grievously deceived. And thither also went Mr. Wickham, undoubtedly by design..."

Five: Track Title:"Darcy's Second Proposal" Track Number:22 Scene Description: After Darcy and Elizabeth have finished all their lines after his final "proposal" on the country lane, we see them strolling down the pathway behind Jane & Mr. Bingley. This part of the music is directly before Jane says, "Engaged? To Mr. Darcy?! No, Lizzie, you cannot be serious."

Six: Track Title:"Winter Into Spring" Track Number:8 Scene Description: This is towards the end of the track, and it's after the gloomy London scene with Jane visiting Miss Bingley has taken place. At this particular point, Elizabeth is outside walking around the fields near Longbourne enjoying the fresh air and spring flowers.

Seven: Track Title:"Return of Bingley" Track Number:21 Scene Description: "Sister! Sister! Have you heard the news?!" Mrs. Phillips comes to announce to the Bennet ladies that Mr. Bingley is returning to Netherfield after many months away.

Eight: Track Title:"Canon Collins" Track Number:5 Scene Description: Mr. Collins' theme song! I believe this was while Mr. Collins was visiting the Bennets at Longbourne.

Nine: Track Title:"Rosings" Track Number:10 Scene Description: Here we see Lady Catherine de Bourgh looking rather sour as she entertains Mr. & Mrs. Collins, Mariah & Sir Lucas, & Lizzie Bennet. This portion of the music is right when we see her sitting in her throne/chair for the first time.

Ten: Track Title:"Double Wedding" Track Number:23 Scene Description: Both couples are married! Mr. Bingley and Jane, then Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth stride joyfully through the crowds at the snow-covered Longbourn and into their carriages where their friends and family throw congratulations their way. Best scene ever!

Miss Marianne said...

And you're quite a whiz! ;) Your score is 90% -- the only one you missed was #5, and I can easily see how you would be mistaken there, for the songs are similar. (Feel free to guess again.) I loved how detailed you were in the song descriptions! :) You know your P&P!

Emily said...

Okay, I have no idea what the song titles are, but I have answers for what happening in the movie, and shall try to guess what the track numbers are (I warn you they shall be rather vague). However, if you will permit, I will number them 1-10 in the order that I think the given tracks are. (If that's okay.)

So, here I go:

I. This is the sound-track during the scene in which an express arrives at Longbourn from Mr. Forster conveying to them the news of Lydia's elopement with Mr. Wickham. Track no. 8?

II. This is the music during the scene in which Elizabeth, Sir William & Maria arrive at the at Hunsford. Track no. 3

III. This is the soundtrack for the scene when Mr. Darcy gets up in the middle of the night at Pemberley and goes to the music room through the gallery and recalls Lizzy singing the preceding evening. Track no. 7

IV. This is the stage in Darcy's letter in which he is describing his association with Mr. Wickham, in particular when he sends Mr. Wickham out of the house and comforts Georgiana. Track no. 5

V. This is when Lizzy and Aunt & Uncle Gardiner arrive at Pemberley and, coming around a corner, get an excellent view of the house. Track no. 6

VI. This is near the beginning as Elizabeth is walking up to Longbourn with a bunch of flowers in her hand. Track no. 1

VII. This is the music for the scene when it is heard that Mr. Bingley is coming back to Netherfield and the whole town is talking of it! It also goes over the house as all the servants are marching and SMOKE IS COMING OUT OF THE CHIMNEYS!!!! Track no. 9

VIII. Mr. Collins's arrival at Longbourn - this is such a good sound-track for him. Track no. 2

IX. This is the sound-track for when The Collinses, Elizabeth, Sir William and Maria arrive at Rosings Park, and the music ends as the camera pans down on Lady Catherine herself (in her "throne"). Track no. 4

X. This is the beautiful music at the end of the movie, when the married couples are running under the archway and mounting their carriages to leave. Happy endings! Yeah. Um, track no. 10.

Hope that is still okay, I haven't the foggiest what the track titles are, but hopefully that's still a valid entry!

Thanks once again for another agreeable game!


Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Thank you, Miss Marianne! Hmm! I'm totally stumped as to what other time number five was used in the film, so if I get a chance to watch the movie soon I will have to listen carefully. I just might try again on number five if I get another idea. :)

Thanks for the fun game!

Miss Marianne said...

Of course, you may guess any of the categories. Your score is 32%. As to the track numbers, there are 24 altogether on the soundtrack, if you would like to try to guess, according to the order. (That is, there are 14 extra songs I didn't put in the video.) For instance, if I had put in the opening title music, you would know that was #1.

On six/VI, I think you were picturing the right thing but it wasn't at that part of the movie. It could be confused with the scene you mentioned. ;)

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

It's been too long since I've played any game, so I insist on playing this one! :-) And I'll try without looking

1. Lydia's Elopement, Lydia Elopes with Wickham and Mr. Darcy searches for them in London.
2. The Gardiners, The Gardiners arrive for Christmas and pass out presents
3. Thinking of Lizzy, why do I want to say Track 17?, Mr. Darcy thinks about Lizzy after she visited Pemberley and he gets ready to see her the next day.
4. (Uggh! I forget the name!), Mr. Darcy's letter contents
5. Pemberley, The Gardiners and Lizzy arrive at Pemberley
6. Winter? (I forget this one too), Lizzy, after reading Jane's letter, takes a walk in the spring.
7. Bingley Returns, Mr. Bingley returns to Netherfield for a shooting party
8. Canon Collins, Track 5, Mr. Bennet reads Mr. Collins's letter and Mr. Collins arrives at Longbourn.
9. Rosings, Mr. Collins, Charlotte, Lizzy, Maria and Sir William Lucas visit Lady Catherine at Rosings.
10. Double Wedding, Track 23, Lizzy and Mr. Darcy and Jane and Mr. Bingley get married.

Miss Marianne said...

Miss Elizabeth Bennet,
You have 76% right! :) Good job!
On three, the title was very close although one word was different; I gave you 1 point for it rather than 2. (Your track number guess was right.) On six, the word you mentioned is in the title, so you were getting there. ;)
Eight and ten were answered completely; all the others got partial credit in some form.

Livia Rachelle said...

I don't really know titles, so I am not going to guess them all. And aren't some of these songs used in more than one place-particularly the "bad" ones?
I.Lydia runs away with Wickham, no idea about the title.
II.Meryton Dance, I assume this is the title or something like as well. I would guess the to be #1 on the soundtrack
III. Darcy is remembering his lovely day with Lizzie at Pemberly. #5? Title no idea
IV. Darcy catches Wickham with his sister? #4?
V. The Uncomfortable but Happy Walk. #9 on soundtrack?
VI. Netherfield Ball? #3 on soundtrack?
VII. Bingley returns back to Netherfield. #8 on soundtrack?
VIII. Mr. Collin's letter and um, propitious arrival. #2 on soundtrack? I assume the title is something like Mr. Collins.
IX. Lizzie reads/Jane narrates The Horrible Letter arrives in the Middle of the Night at Longbourne, #6
X. The Wedding and Kiss. I would guess #10 on sound track

Miss Marianne said...

Livia Rachelle,
As it is a soundtrack, there are several variations, though no song is repeated exactly, I don't think. I'm not sure what you mean by the "bad ones", haha.
You have 24%. Your guesses on Two, Five, Six and Nine were incorrect. The others were partially correct.
As to the track numbers, I didn't include all of them in the clips, and there are actually 24 all in all, if you would like to guess that accordingly. (For instance, if I'd put the opening title music, you would know that was #1.)
Thanks for playing!

Jane said...

OK, heres' my guesses and let me warn you that we don't own the CD and so have only borrowed it from the library. Not to say of course that we don't listen to the music; just that we have mp3 files and not all that's on the CD. So I'm very much guessing when it comes to track numbers!

1) sounds very familiar
2) The Gardiners. 13Played as Aunt & Uncle Gardiner and family arrive at the Bennets to take Lizzy touring.
3) Darcy recalls Lizzy. 18Played as Darc walks down a darkened corridor in Pemberly recalling the evening earlier where Lizzy played Voi che Sapate and smiled at him
4) Possibly played during Wickham & Georgianna's "elopement" just before Darcy foiled Wickham's plans.
5) Pemberly.15 Played as the carriage carrying Elizabeth, & Aunt & Uncle Gardiner comes into view of Pemberly
6) sounds VERY familiar. Just can't place it!!
7) Bingley Returns.20 Played as signs of life come back to Netherfield; servants bustling around and Bingley shooting birds. Such a happy triumphant kind of music like you know it's all coming right at last!
8) Canon Collins.9 Played as scenes of Mr Collins in his parish, at church, riding in his carriage as his letter is read to the Bennets about his impending arrival
9)Rosings.14 Played as Mr Collins and guests (incl Lizzy, Maria etc) walk up the imposing drive to the equally imposing house and the final note finishes as they are shown seated silently in Lady Cath's imposing drawing room with Lady Cath herself regarding her subjects from her throne like chair
10) The End.23 Played as everyone dashes out of church and into carriages and Mr Darcy & Elizabeth kiss and Mrs Bennet counts her blessings

The Elf said...

One: Something to do with Lydia's elopment
Two: 6? or 7. The Gardiner's Arrival. Mr. and Mrs. Garidner arrive at the Bennetts' place for Christmas.
Three: 17? Thinking of Lizzy. Darcy is putting out lights and recalling Lizzy's performance at the piano.
Four: 7 Winter into Spring. Lizzy is reading Jane's letters.
Five: 15 if they combined this with Pemberly 16 if not. Pemberly. Darcy meets Lizzy at Pemberly.
Six: 4. Piano Summary 1. Lizzy is walking through fields at the beginning.
Seven: 21. Bingley Returns? Mr. Bingley is returning to Netherfield and he and Mr. Darcy ride to the Bennets to renew acquaintance.
Eight: 5. Canon Collins. Mr.Collins arrives at the Bennet's house.
Nine: 10. Rosings. Lizzy and Co. are approaching Rosings for Lizzy's first visit.
Ten: 24? Double Wedding, Lizzy and Darcy & Jane and Bingley have just been married and are coming out of church and into the carriages.

Miss Marianne said...

I understand. It would be nice if MP3 players displayed track number along with the title! Here's how your scoring looks -
One- N/A
Two - Title & Description correct (4)
Three - Description correct (track number very close) (2)
Four - Description correct (2)
Five - Title & desc. correct (track # very close) (4)
Six - N/A
Seven - Desc. correct (track number & title very close, but not quite there) (2)
Eight - Title & desc. correct (4)
Nine - Title & desc. correct (4)
Ten - Track number & description correct (3)

So you have a total of 25 points, or 50%. Thanks for playing!

The Elf,
Here's how your scoring is going (you can skip to the bottom for your final score, this is mostly for my benefit, or if you want to know particulars)
One - Description correct (2)
Two - Track number (second guess) & description correct (3)
Three - Track number & description correct, very close on title but not quite there (3)
Four - Title & description correct (track number very close) (4)
Five - Title & desc. correct (4)
Six - Description partly correct (1)
Seven - Track number & description correct (title close) (3)
Eight - Yes (5)
Nine - Yes (5)
Ten - Title & desc. correct (track number close) (4)

34 points, or 68%. Thanks for playing!