Monday, February 25, 2013

Game the Eleventh: Caption Contest {4}

Well, everybody, here is the fourth picture upon which you can demonstrate your wit. ;)

You may submit one caption very clever or two moderately clever by Friday, March 1st. (They can be any amount of clever that you like, of course--I am only quoting Emma. Anyways, you can submit up to two.) The winner will be presented the following day. As always, do keep in mind that we reserve the right not to publish or consider any captions we do not deem Appropriate. (Haha. That can hardly be accompanied without a haughty sniff, do not you think so?)

Also, for those of you who haven't noticed, each winning captioned picture is added to the caption contest archive page, where the winners receive fame and glory and you can look at the old ones in hopes of a chuckle.

We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Katelyn said...

Mrs. Bennett: "For heaven's sake, Lydia, do give Kitty back her bonnet! My nerves can't handle your squabbles anymore!"

Caroline L. said...

Lydia: Do you like my hat?

Mrs. Bennet: I do NOT like your hat! Goodbye!!!

Emily said...

This is not an entry, I am just letting you know that I have tagged Miss Marianne for the award at:

See here on my blog :



Anonymous said...

Mrs Bennet; I don't care what you say Justin Bieber is a wonderful match for Mary!

It just popped into my mind and made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Mary in silent prayer: Dear Lord, please PLEASE set that blasted bonnet on fire!