Monday, January 28, 2013

Game - Special Edition for P&P's Bicentennial

Hello, hello, hello! Today, in case some of you don't know, is a very important day in the world of literature geeks, especially Janeites, and more especially P&P fans; because exactly 200 years ago on this very date a wonderful thing happened: P&P was published. One of the best-loved stories ever was for the first time released and ready to go out there and change the world.

I mean, what would life be without Jane Austen's brilliant stories? I hate to imagine. Though this was her second book to be published, it is a day to be much celebrated because... hello, people, Pride and Prejudice!!!! Yes, I think you get the point.

Now. As I'm sure you have observed, we do a game every Monday. Well, it just so happens that January 28th is a Monday; how is that for coincidence? I knew I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by, and Miss Dashwood and I agreed that today's game would certainly have to be something special. Sooo... here is what's been come up with. It's a combination of several little games, to make a big Celebratory Activity.

The first section will be completely P&P95, since it will have to do with pictures from the movie. The second section will be an unscramble game, and the names and words could come from either the book or P&P95 (since the latter is so much like the former, and that is why we love it). The third and fourth sections will, in honor of the day, be completely based on the book. I trust, however, that you have all read it; and even if you have not, being a P&P95 fan might help you in some cases since it is such a faithful adaptation. But I'll explain more later. The fifth section is going to be a poll/throwdown, the results of which will be included in the Answers post...

...which will be published on Saturday, as usual (which is February 2nd). Answers will be accepted through Friday.

Now, friends and fans, I've rambled on long enough, so... here be the festivities! Hope you have fun! (Oh, and one more thing: all the answers are worth two points each, which make a total of 80 if you get everything right; I wish it was 100, but I couldn't finagle that.)

Hat Game
For this game, there will be pictures below of hats worn by ladies in P&P95. Your job is to identify which ladies are wearing which hats. I rather stole this idea from Miss Laurie, who does think of such good games! I do hope the strange blacked-out faces are not spooky. :P Personally I find them amusing. I was contemplating adding white mustaches, but thought that might be going a little too far....
You may guess more than once.
{Note: Don't forget you can click on the images if you want to see them full-sized.}

                                                #ONE                                             #TWO

                                               #THREE                                           #FOUR

                                                  #FIVE                                               #SIX

                                             #SEVEN                                           #EIGHT

                                              #NINE                                                #TEN
So, which hat is your favorite? ;) I like 4 and 5...

Unscramble Game
This shouldn't take much explaining... just unscramble the words. ;) If you want to know any particulars, do ask. I'll give you the hint that they are all either character's names (first and last or title and last) or places, and the names will not be very main characters. You need more of a challenge than that. ;-)
You may guess more than once.


Book Quote Game
Here is a list of quotes which, shockingly enough, are not included in the movie. (Well, they can't get them all, I s'pose...) It is your duty to guess which characters said them.
You may have second chances on guessing, but only that.

21. "His pride does not offend me so much as pride often does, because there is an excuse for it. One cannot wonder that so very fine a young man, with family, fortune, everything in his favour, should think highly of himself. If I may so express it, he has a right to be proud."

22. "Follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them whenever I can."

23. "A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment."

24. "I declare I do not know a more awful object than Darcy, on particular occasions and in particular places; at his own house especially, and of a Sunday evening when he has nothing to do."

25. "Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh me out of my opinion."

26. "I cannot talk of books in a ballroom; my head is always full of something else."

27. "Those who do not complain are never pitied."

28. "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I do not have an excellent library."

29. "Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure."

30. "I am the happiest creature in the world. Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice."

Trivia Quiz
This is based entirely on the book. Some of the answers may be accurate with both P&P95 and the book, but some may not. After all, we're celebrating the book's anniversary here!
You can answer each question only once, but if you want a while to think on some, feel free to leave them blank and come back later.

31. In his letter to Elizabeth, does Mr. Darcy speak first of his dealings with Mr. Wickham, or of dividing Mr. Bingley from Jane?

32. "He was directly invited to join their party, but he declined it, observing that he could imagine but two motives for their chusing to walk up and down the room together, with either of which motives his joining them would interfere." What were the two alleged motives that Miss Bingley insisted Mr. Darcy explain?

33. What are three names of houses/estates in P&P? (Excluding Pemberley--sorry, folks, that one's too easy.)

34. How many attempts did it take Mrs. Bennet to successfully arrange for Mr. Bingley to propose to Jane?

35. How many of the Bennet sisters draw?

36. Did Lady Catherine ever visit Pemberley after Mr. Darcy was married--or, I should say, once the shades of Pemberley were thus polluted?

37. Put these events in the correct order, (numbered, if you don't mind):
-The ball at Netherfield
-Mr. Darcy's first proposal
-Mr. Darcy's second proposal
-Visit to Derbyshire and Pemberley
-Meryton Assembly (where everyone first sees Mr. Bingley and his party)
-Mr. Collins's proposal to Lizzy
-Mr. Bingley's proposal to Jane
-Lydia's Elopement

38. Mr. Gardiner said Mr. Bennet would be expected to pay how many pounds per annum (during his life) upon Lydia's marriage to Mr. Wickham?

39. Who has joint guardianship with Mr. Darcy of Georgiana?

40. Here's a pretty obscure one... when does Elizabeth first realize that Mr. Collins is paying her attentions, and fears a proposal of marriage?

Poll: Which is your favorite first name from the following list of female characters in P&P? (Vote on the sidebar)
~Kitty (Catherine is also an option)

So... let's hear it for P&P!!!!! :D


Caroline L. said...

1. Lydia
2. Lizzy
3. Charlotte
4. Lydia
5. Georgiana
6. Mrs. Phillips
7. Lizzy
8. Caroline Bingley
9 Lady Catherine
10. Kitty

My favorite would have to be 2 or 5!

O no! I'm awwwwful at scrambley games! Well, here goes!
11. Meryton
12. Maria Lucas
13. Brighton
14. I really can't figure it out
15. ditto...beyond me.
16. Hertfordshire
17. Mrs. Younge
18. Derbyshire
19. Gretna Green?
20. Louisa Hurst?
I kept coming back and painfully working another word out... took me a veeery long time.

21. Charlotte
22. Lizzy
23. Darcy
24. Bingley?
25. Jane?
26. Lizzy
27. Haha! Mrs. Bennet!
28. Caroline
29. ermm...Lizzy?
30. Lizzy!

31. Jane
32. that they had secrets to dicuss or they were conscious of their figures being at their best advantage while walking
33. Longbourne, Lucas Lodge, Rosings Park
34. O, countless? Haha! She was trying since the moment Bingley danced with Jane, sending her to Netherfield on horseback, for goodness' sake! But, assuming you mean the attempts after he came back into the neighborhood, I shall say two times. She gets Jane and Bingley alone in the drawing room once and nothing happens. She does the same thing next time he comes, and it works! 2nd time's a charm!
35. Not one
36. She fiiiinally does.
37. 1)Meryton Assembly, 2)Netherfield Ball, 3)Collins proposal, 4)1st Darcy proposal, 5)Derbyshire and Pemberley visit, 6) Lydia elopes, 7) Bingley proposes, 8) Darcy's 2nd proposal
38. 100
39. Col. Fitzwilliam
40. at the Netherfield ball

And, can you possibly guess which name is my favorite? Hint: I did not choose Elizabeth! *gasp*

Miss Marianne said...

Caroline L.,
I enjoyed your answers! :) On the Hat Game, you got all but 4 and 10. For the Unscramble Game, all your guesses were correct! (For the record, you guessed all but 14 and 15.) Good job! I'm not very good at those either... although it's a lot easier for me when it's based on characters or words in a book I know; then I just think over them and see if any of the letters would match. ;)
For the quotes, you got them all right!
For the trivia quiz, you got everything besides 40, and you were close on that, but... not quite. Feel free to guess again.

You have 70 points. Great job!

Kiri Liz said...

1. Lydia

2. Elizabeth

3. Charlotte

4. Kitty

5. Georgiana

6. Mrs. Philips

7. Elizabeth

8. Caroline

9. Lady Catherine

12. Maria Lucas

13. Brighton

15. Aunt Philips

16. Hertfordshire

17. Mrs. Young

18. Derbyshire

19. Gretna Green

22. Elizabeth

23. Mr. Bennet

30. Jane

31. Diving Bingley and Jane

32. Telling secrets or walking to show off their figures

33. Longbourne, Rosings Park, and Netherfield

35. Not one

37. 1) Meryton Assembly, 2) ball at Netherfield, 3) Mr. Collin's proposal to Lizzy, 4) Mr. Darcy's first proposal, 5) Visit to Derbyshire and Pemberley, 6)Lydia's Elopement, 7) Mr. Bingley's proposal to Jane, and 8) Mr. Darcy's second proposal

38. 100

39. Colonel Fitzwilliam

Miss Marianne said...

Kiri Liz,
Incorrect answers: 23, 30
Questions that can still be guessed: 10, 11, 14, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 34, 36, 40
You have 48 points. Thanks for playing!

The Elf said...

#ONE: Lydia
#THREE: Charlotte
#FIVE: Georgiana
#SEVEN: Lizzy
#NINE: Lady Catherine de Bourgh
#TEN: Maria?

11. Meryton
12. Maria Lucas
13. Brighton
14. Harriet Forster
15. Aunt Philips
19. Gretna Green
20,Louisa Hurst

21. Lizzy?
22. Lizzy
23. Darcy
24. Bingley or if not Col. Fitzy
25. Darcy?
26. Lizzy
27. ?
28. Caroline
29. Lizzy
30. Jane

31. Bingley & Jane
32. The first is that they have secrets to discuss and he'd be in their way and the second was that they were aware of how well their figures looked as they walked and he could admire them much better from where he sat.
33. Lucas Lodge, Rosings, Netherfield
34. Two
35. None
36. Yes
37. 1)Meryton Assembley 2)The ball at Netherfield 3)Mr. Collins proposal to Lizzy 4) Mr. Darcy's first proposal 5) Visit to Derbyshire and Pemberley 6) Lydia's elopement 7) Mr. Bingley's proposal to Jane 8) Mr. Darcy's second proposal
38. 100 whilst alive and 50 when dead
39. Col. Fitzwilliam
40.Shortly before the Netherfield ball?

Miss Marianne said...

The Elf,
Incorrect guesses: 10, 21, 25, and 30.
Left blank: 2, 4, 6, 8, 17, and 27.
Your second choice on 24 was correct.
On 38, I can't discover that the second figure you spoke of was mentioned exactly; but I'm changing the question to be more pointed, and for the part it's asking, you had the right answer.
On 40, your answer is true but not quite exact; so I am giving you half-credit for it.
Current score: 61/80

The Elf said...

Just after Lizzy has read Uncle Gardiner's letter aloud, Mr. Bennet is talking about how can he ever repay Gardiner and mentions that no man would be fool enough to marry Lydia for 100 pounds per annum and 50 when he is gone.

Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Okay, I'm way too tired to do the whole game tonight, so my answers shouldn't really count. I would at least like to list off the hats, though:
1. Lydia Bennet (heading to Brighton)
2. Elizabeth Bennet (walking with Colonel Fitzwilliam)
3. Charlotte Lucas/Collins, I believe
5. Georgiana Darcy (upon meeting Lizzy at the Inn at Lambton)
7. Elizabeth's GORGEOUS ruched bonnet
8. Miss Darcy
9. Lady Catherine deBourgh
10. Mrs. Gardiner

Well, the rest of this game looks amazing, but I think I need to go get some rest!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Yay! Happy 200th P&P! :) This game looks like such fun!

-Hat Game-
(hee, you mentioned me! White mustaches would have been such fun! :)
#1. Lydia (Bennet) Wickham
#2. Elizabeth Bennet (my favorite hat!)
#3. Charlotte Lucas
#4. Kitty Bennet?
#5. Georgiana Darcy (although Lizzy has something similar, hasn't she?)
#6. Mrs. Philipps?
#7. Elizabeth Bennet
#8. Caroline Bingley?
#9. Lady Catherine de Bourgh
#10. Mary Bennet?

My favorite hat is #2, it's so pretty!

-Unscramble Game-
11. Meryton
12. Maria Lucas
13. Brighton
14. Harriet Foster (I think there's an extra R in there)
15. Aunt Philipps
16. Hertforshire
17. Mrs. Younge
18. Derbyshire
19. Gretna Green (My Angel!)
20. Louisa Hurst

-Book Quote Game-
21. Jane Bennet (just sounds like her)
22. Elizabeth Bennet
23. Mr. Darcy (love this quote!)
24. Mr. Bingley
25. Elizabeth Bennet (hmm...I'm almost thinking that's wrong which is very sad because a certain friend on mine quotes it so very often! :)
26. Mr. Darcy?
27. Mrs. Bennet?
28. Caroline Bingley
29. Mr. Darcy
30. Elizabeth Bennet?

-Trivia Quiz-
31. In the's of Mr. Wickham, I think. Else Lizzy would have thrown the letter away instantly!
32. For exercise and for exhibiting their figures (which Mr. Darcy can admire better from where he sits!).
33. Longbourne, Rosings, Netherfield
34. three?
35. Well Lady Catherine, None?
36. no. Oh dear! I do fear that's wrong!
37. Events...
a.Meryton Assembly (where everyone first sees Mr. Bingley and his party)
b. The ball at Netherfield
c. Mr. Collins's proposal to Lizzy
d. Mr. Darcy's first proposal
e. Visit to Derbyshire and Pemberley
f. Lydia's Elopement
g. Mr. Bingley's proposal to Jane
h. Mr. Darcy's second proposal

38. 100 pounds?
39. Colonel Fitzwilliam
40. Wow, that is a tough one! Is it when they walk into Meryton and meet Mr. Wickham and the other officers? That's probably why she invites her sisters along.

I voted for Jane but almost said Lydia or Mary as those three are names I really love. But then JA does use the best names! :)

Such a fun game! Thanks!

india grace said...

1. Lydia
2. Jane?
3. Charlotte
4. Kitty
5. Georgiana
7. Elizabeth
8. Anne de Bourgh
9. Lady Catherine

11. Meryton
12. Maria Lucas
13. Brighton
14. Harriet Forster
15. Aunt Philips
16. Hertfordshire
17. Mrs Younge
18. Derbyshire
19. Gretna Green
20. Louisa Hurst

21. Jane
22. Elizabeth
23. Mr Darcy
24. Mr Bingley or Mr Hurst??
25. Jane
26. Elizabeth
27. Mrs Bennet
28. Miss Bingley
29. Mr Darcy
30. Elizabeth

31. Dividing Mr. Bingley from Jane
32. They were either whispering confidences, so he would be unwanted, or they were aware that their figures appeared to full advantage standing and him joining them would ruin the affect.
33. Longbourne, Netherfield and Rosings Park
35. None?
36. Yes...
37. 1. The Meryton Assembly
2. Ball at Netherfield
3. Mr Collins's proposal
4. Mr Darcy's firsty proposal
5. Visit to Derbyshire and Pemberley
6. Lydia elopes
7. Mr Bingley proposes to Jane
8. Mr Darcy's second proposal

38. 100 pounds per annum
39. Colonel Fitzwilliam

Thanks so much for a very fun quiz!

India xx

Miss Marianne said...

All your hat guesses were correct except for #8. (In case you've forgotten what your guess was on that one, it was the same character as #5.) You can still guess 4 and 6, and I'll withhold further calculations for when you play the rest of the game. :)

Miss Laurie,
Incorrect guesses: 10, 21, 25, 26, 29, 31, 34, 36, and 40.
On #14 the extra letter you mentioned is supposed to be there, in the last name; your guess was close but still not the same name so I'll give you half-credit for that, and of course you may give it another go. ;)
On #32, you guessed one of the two reasons correctly, so one point for that too.
Your score: 60/80.
Thanks so much for playing! I enjoyed your comment!

India Grace,
Incorrect guesses: 2, 8, 21, and 29.
Left blank: 6, 10, 34, and 40.
(Your first guess on #24 was correct.)
Your score: 64/80
You're welcome, and thank you for playing! :)

Emily said...

Okay, here I go:

Hat game:
1- Lydia
2- Elizabeth
6-Mrs. Phillips
8-Miss Bingley
9-Lady Catherine de Bourgh
10-Aunt Gardiner

Unscrambles(these are really hard):

12-Maria Lucas
14-Harriet Forster
15-Aunt Phillips
17-Mrs. Younge
19- ?
20-Louisa Hurst

Book Quote Game:

21-Charlotte Lucas
23-Mr. Darcy
24-Mr. Bingley
27-Mrs. Bennet
28-Miss Bingley
31- He talked first about dividing Bingley & Jane.

32-Either they had secret matters to discuss, or they know that their figures must appear to best advantage when walking. If the first, he should be interfering; if the second, he must admire them better from his place by the fire.

33-Longbourn, Hunsford & Lucas Lodge. (also Rosings Park).
35-Not one!
36-Yes, she did.
1)The Meryton Assembly
2)The Ball at Netherfield
3)Mr. Collins' proposal to Elizabeth
4)Mr. Darcy's first proposal
5)Visit to Derbyshire & Pemberley
6)Lydia's elopement
7)Bingley's proposal to Jane
8)Mr. Darcy's second proposal

38-100 pounds
39-Colonel Fitzwilliam
40-At the Netherfield Ball

Thanks for such a great competition!

Happy Birthday P&P!

Miss Margaret Dashwood said...

Hi! Wow I'd love to participate in this celebration! Here are my answers.
5~ Georgiana
6~ Mrs Phillips
8~ Miss Caroline Bingley
9~Lady Catherine de Bourgh
10~Aunt Gardiner
12~Maria Lucas
14~Harriet Forster
15~Aunt Phillips
17~Mrs. Younge
20~Louisa Hurst
21~Charlotte Lucas
23~Mr. Darcy
24~Mr. Bingley
27~ Mrs. Bennet
28~Miss Bingley
31~Of dividing Mr. Bingley from Jane.
32~ either that they were in eachother's confidence and had secret affairs to discuss, or that they were conscious that their figures appeared to best advantage while walking. If the first, he should be completely in their way:if the second, he could admire them much better from his place by the fire.
33~ Rosings Park, Lucas Lodge, Longbourn.
35~Not one.
36~Yes, after Elizabeth encouraged Darcy to write a letter of reconciliation and invitation to his aunt.
1~Meryton Assembly
2~The ball at Netherfield
3~ Mr. Collins's proposal to Lizzy.
4~Mr. Darcy's first proposal
5~Visit ti Derbyshire & Pemberley
6~Lydia's elopement
7~Mr.Bingley's proposal to Jane
8~ Mr. Darcy's second proposal
38~100 pounds per annum
39~Col. Fitzwilliam
40~At the Netherfield ball
Thanks! Now I need to go and think about GRTREE GENAN.....that one's driving me nuts!!

Miss Marianne said...

Incorrect guesses: 25, 30, 34, and 40 (you were close, but not quite).
Left blank: 19, 37.
Your score: 68/80. Good job! Thanks for playing!

Miss Margaret Dashwood,
Incorrect guesses: 40 (you were close, but not quite).
Left blank: 19.
Your current score: 76/80
Excellent job! You're a whiz! ;) Good luck on the last unscramble! Remember that any of the unscrambles could be either a name or a place! :)

Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Oh dear! That's certainly not what I meant for number eight! I meant to write Miss Bingley (Mr. Bingley's unmarried sister). Sorry about that! I'll have to try the rest of the quiz later. :)

The Elf said...

Alright, here are my second round guesses:

2. Lizzy
4. Maria
6. Aunt Philips
8. Mrs. Gardiner???
10. Jane
17. Mrs. Younge
21. Caroline
25. Lizzy
27. Mrs. Bennet?
30. Lizzy

Caroline L. said...

Alright! I'm going to try my hand at fixing some of my wrong answers! Unfortunately, I'm not positive what I wrote the first time, so hopefully I won't make the same mistakes. Here goes!

I have scrutinized the little hat pictures and am now fairly certain that number 4 is Lydia's bonnet in the scene before the Netherfield ball when Mr. Collins is claiming his fair cousin's hand for the first two dances.

Number 10 (and I don't know why I didn't see it before!) is Mrs. Gardiner!

I think I have another scrambley figured out!!! 15 is Aunt Philips!

Miss Marianne said...

I confess I suspected as much, which is why I mentioned it. ;) Your clarification is correct, so now all your hat guesses are right, and you can still try on 4 and 6.

The Elf,
Your new guesses on 2, 17, 27, and 30 are correct.
4, 8, 10, 21, and 25 were still missed.
This brings your score to 69/80. Good job!

Caroline L.,
On #4, I believe you're actually right about that scene! It's so very brief I never noticed that before--I guess two different people wore that hat! But in at least three other scenes (and in the screencap pictured) it's on somebody else. I'll give you half-credit, though, since you noticed that.
You're right on 10. I know just what you mean about not 'seeing it' before, then once I do I feel like... duh. ;) Good job! And yes on 15 too.
This brings your score to 75/80. Excellent!

Miss Margaret Dashwood said...

Hi, I'm back! I figured it out. Number 19~Gretna Green.

Miss Margaret Dashwood said...

Hi again! I think I have 40 now too.
40~ Just after Mr Collins has asked her for the first two dances,just after they have received the invitation to the Netherfield ball. I also commented about question 19.

india grace said...

Are we able to try again on the questions we got wrong? Well, if so, here are my new guesses:

2. ???
8. Really stuck on this one... I said Anne last time didn't I? Mrs Jenkinson?
21. Mary
29. Jane

And the answers to the ones I left blank:

6. Mrs Bennet?? No clue really...
10.Mrs Gardiner?? Or Maria Lucas??
34. one... or two?? :)
40. When he first starts singling her out to walk with and sit by???

Miss Marianne said...

Miss Margaret Dashwood,
Your recent guesses were correct! I did forget, though, that technically second guesses on the quiz questions aren't supposed to be allowed (on the other games it's fine)... but I will give you half-credit for it, since you were close the first time. So now you have 79/80 points! Top score so far! :)

Miss Marianne said...

India Grace,
Yes, you can try again, except for on the quiz (questions 31-40).
Your guesses on 8, 21, and 29 are still wrong. You can also try 2 again.
Your first guess on #10 is correct!
On 34, since that's the quiz and you're only allowed one guess, you'll have to decide between your guesses! ;)
I'm afraid 40 isn't quite right.
Updated score: 66/80

Lizzie said...

#ONE - Lydia
#TWO - Jane
#THREE - Charlotte
#FOUR - Kitty
#FIVE - Georgiana
#SIX - Anne de Bourgh
#SEVEN - Elizabeth
#EIGHT - Miss Bingley
#NINE - Lady Catherine
#TEN - Mary

11. Meryton
12. Maria Lucas
13. Brighton
14. Harriet Foster
15. Aunt Philips
16. Hertfordshire
17. Mrs. Younge
18. Derbyshire
19. Gretna Green
20. Louisa Hurst

21. Charlotte?
22. Elizabeth
23. Mr. Darcy
24. Mr. Bingley
25. Jane
26. Elizabeth
27. Mrs. Bennet
28. Miss Bingley
29. Elizabeth
30. Elizabeth

31. Dividing Mr. Bingley and Jane is the topic he mentions first.
32. One was that they might be in each other's confidence and have secrets to discuss, or that they were conscious their figures appeared to the greatest advantage when walking.
33. Longbourne, Lucas Lodge, Rosings.
34. She was successful on the second attempt.
35. Not one.
36. Yes, eventually.
#1 - Meryton Assembly
#2 - The ball at Netherfield
#3 - Mr. Collins's proposal to Lizzy
#4 - Mr. Darcy's first proposal
#5 - Visit to Derbyshire and Pemberley
#6 - Lydia's elopement
#7 - Mr. Bingley's proposal to Jane
#8 - Mr. Darcy's second proposal
38. 100 pounds.
39. Colonel Fitzwilliam
40. When Mr. Collins asks in advance for the first two dances with her at the Netherfield ball.

Miss Marianne said...

Incorrect guesses: 2, 6, 10.
Excellent on 40! ;) Great job.
Your score: 74/80
Feel free to put in second guesses.

Miss Dashwood said...

I'm squeaking in on the very tail-end of things here... such a busy week!

Hats (and BAHAHAHAHAHA about the mustaches. You're too funny.) ...
1- Lydia
2- Lizzy
3- Charlotte
4- Kitty
5- Georgiana
6- Mrs. Phillips
7- Lizzy (my favorite!)
8- I want to say Anne de Bourgh... but that doesn't quite seem right... oh, well, I'll just say it. :D
9- Lady Catherine
10- Maria Lucas

11- Meryton
12- Maria Lucas
13- I want to go to BRIGHTON!
14- Harriet Forster (this one had me stumped for a time!)
15- Aunt Philips (though I thought 'twas with two L's... isn't it?)
16- Hertfordshire
17- Mrs. Younge
18- Derbyshire (I always want to say Darbyshire 'cause that's how they pronounce it, heehee)
19- Gretna Green
20- ?

21. Charlotte Lucas? I'm going to do badly at this, I KNOW I am...
22. Lizzy!
23. Mr. Darcy (love that 'un!)
24. Mr. Bingley. Heeheehee.
25. Mr. Darcy? Ugh. I ought to know this.
26. Lizzy
27. Mrs. Bennet :P
28. Miss Bingley :P
29. Lizzy
30. Jane

31. His dealings with Mr. Wickham
32. To talk secrets and to give him a chance to admire their figures :P
33. Rosings Park, Hunsford, Longbourn
34. Um... once?
35. All but Mary, I think.
1) Meryton Assembly
2) The ball at Netherfield
3) Mr. Collins' proposal to Lizzy
4) Mr. Darcy's first proposal
5) Visit to Derbyshire and Pemberley
6) Lydia's elopement (ehhhh... well... this kinda happened in between the visit to Derbyshire and the visit to Pemberley, tootuz remember that Jane's letter was misdirected and took a long time to come)
7) Mr. Bingley's proposal to Jane
8) Mr. Darcy's second proposal

38. One hundred pounds per annum. So little!
39. Colonel Fitzwilliam
40. Um. At the Netherfield Ball? That's as good a guess as any. :P

Oh, and I voted for Charlotte on the poll. Just thought you'd like to know.

Excellent game, m'dear! :D

Miss Marianne said...

Miss Dashwood,
I'm too funny, am I? Why, thank-you. ;)
Incorrect guesses: 8, 10, 25, 30, 31, 34, 35, 40 (but you were close-ish, heehee).
Left blank: 20
On 15-- nope, it's with one. In the Penguin classics version, anyways. I checked.
27-- true, but this is the order it's "shown" in the story, so I figure that's what counts.
Your score: 62/80
So glad you played! I was was quite despairing!

Emily said...

Okay, I'll try again:

19- Gretna Green



34-Is it two attempts?

1. The Meryton Assembly
2. The Ball at Netherfield
3. Mr. Collins' proposal
4. Mr. Darcy's first proposal
5. Lizzy's visit to Derbyshire & Pemberley
6. Lydia's elopement
7. Mr. Bingley's proposal to Jane
8. Mr. Darcy's second proposal

40-when he asks her for the first two dances at the Netherfield ball; "It now first struck her that she was selected from among her sisters as worthy of being the mistress of Hunsford parsonage..."

Hopefully I get a better score now!

Miss Marianne said...

19, 25, 30 and 37 were correct. So were your second guesses on 34 and 40, but since those were on the trivia quiz only one guess is allowed. :-/
Your updated score: 74/80
Very good! :)