Monday, January 7, 2013

Game the Fifth: Identify the Dress

I think this needs little explanation: just look at the pictures below and try to remember which characters the dresses belong to. To make it nice and scholarly, each correct guess will be worth 10 points, for a total of 100 if you get them all right.

I cut off more than just the head (haha... I make it sound as if I have decapitated them all...) to make the form of the actresses a little less identifiable. ;)

Guesses will be accepted through Friday, January 11th, and the answers will be posted the following day. I'll be commenting with your results throughout the week. I will accept second tries. (Maybe even third, if you're desperate. ;) )












Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Let's see...
1. Lydia Bennet?
2. Charlotte Lucas
3. Elizabeth Bennet
4. Mary Bennet
5. Elizabeth Bennet
6. Jane Bennet
7. Caroline Bingley?
8. Mrs. Bennet
9. Maria Lucas?
10. Jane Bennet

Miss Marianne said...

Miss Elizabeth Bennet,
I'm not surprised this game is your cup of tea! :) You got all of them right, so 100 points! Splendid!

Katy-Anne said...

1. Lydia
2. Charlotte Lucas
4. Mary. See the book?
5. Lizzy.
7. Caroline Bingley
8. Aunt Philipps

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Oooh, fun! Let's see if all my browsing screencaps pays off! ;)

1. Lydia Bennet?
2. Charlotte Lucas
3. Elizabeth Bennet
4. Mary Bennet
5. Elizabeth Bennet
6. Jane Bennet
7. Caroline Bingley
8. Mrs. Bennet
9. Maria Lucas
10. Jane Bennet

Miss Marianne said...

Your guesses on 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 were correct. Your guess on 8 was not quite right. You have 50 points! Thanks for playing!

Miss Laurie,
I guess it did pay off, for you have them all right! Excellent job! :)

Anonymous said...

1. Kitty?
2. Charlotte Lucas
3. Hannah?
4. Mary
5. Lizzy
6. Jane
7. Louisa
8. Mrs. Bennett
9. Lizzy
10. Jane

And if I get any wrong, I can have a second guess, right? :)

- The Elf

Miss Marianne said...

The Elf,
Your guesses on 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 were quite right. 1, 3, 7, and 9 were incorrect. Yes, feel free to guess again! Thanks for playing!

Livia Rachelle said...

7.Miss Bingley
8.Mrs. Benntet

Jane said...

1. Mary Bennett?
2. Charlotte Lucas
3. Maria Lucas
4. Mary Bennett
5. Elizabeth Bennett
6. Jane Bennett
7. Caroline Bingley
8. Mrs Bennett
9. Elizabeth Bennett
10. Jane Bennett

I must say, the backgrounds and also people's posture gave it away for me!

Miss Marianne said...

Livia Rachelle,
You have 80 points. Your guesses on 1 and 9 were incorrect. Thanks for playing!

You have 70 points. Your guesses on 1, 3, and 9 were incorrect. Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

1 is really hard. Mary?
3 The maid that did Lizzy's hair before the ball?
7 is Lady Catherine
9 is Lydia? If this is wrong then I guess Maria?

- The Elf

Caroline L. said...

1. Lydia (talking about Mr. Bingley near beginning)
2. Charlotte (at assembly ball)
3. Lizzy (at Netherfield?)
4. Mary (during Mr. Collin's 2nd visit)
5. Lizzy (during Mr. Collin's 2nd visit)
6. Jane (when Mr. Bennet returns from London)
7. Caroline Bingley (at Pemberly)
8. Mrs. Bennet (greeting Mr. and Mrs. Wickham)
9. Maria Lucas (Netherfield ball)
10. Jane (walking listlessly through garden pining for Mr. Bingley)

There! Hopefully I got them right! I was a little iffy on some of the scenes, but I think I have most of the characters correct.

Miss Marianne said...

The Elf,
Your second (well, third) guess for #9 was right. You now have 70 points. :)

Caroline L.,
Your answers were all correct! :) I think all the scenes were too, which aren't required for your 100 points but I did have fun reading them and seeing how well you know your scenes! ;)

Jane said...

1.Mrs Bennett?
3. Elizabeth Bennett
9. Lydia Bennett

Miss Marianne said...

Your new guess on #3 was right. You now have 80 points. :) 1 and 9 still incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really hard! But I'll have a try...

#1 Kitty
#2 Charlotte Lucas
#3 Lizzy
#4 Mary
#5 Lizzy
#6 Jane
#7 Caroline
#8 Mrs. Bennett
#9 Maria...?
#10 Jane??


Miss Marianne said...
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Miss Marianne said...

You have 90 points. Your guess on 1 was the only one you missed. Good job! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying for #1 again...

is it Lydia? Wow, I'm so surprised I got the rest right!!


Miss Marianne said...

Yes, you're right! You have all of them now! :) Good work!

Miss Margaret Dashwood said...

1~ Lydia
2~ Charlotte
3~ Elizabeth
4~ Mary
5~ Elizabeth
6~ Jane
7~ Caroline Bingley
8~ Mrs Bennet
9~ Maria Lucas
10~ Jane
Here are my entries for the dress competition. Thanks!

Miss Marianne said...

Miss Margaret Dashwood,
You got all of them right! Great job! That's 100 points. Thanks for playing!

Emily said...

Here are my answers:

1- Lydia
2- Charlotte Lucas
3- Elizabeth
4- Mary Bennet
5- Elizabeth again
6- Jane
7- Miss Bingley
8- Mrs Bennet
9- Mariah Lucas
10- Jane again.

Thanks, that was fun! Keep up the great competitions! ;-)


Miss Marianne said...
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