Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Game the Forty-fifth: P&P Yuletide Contest

Our next game will be testing your creativity!  We are hosting a short story contest here at the Club, and we think this will be fun for everyone.  The rules are simple.
  • Write a story between 1,000 and 2,000 words and submit it to shelvesinthecloset95{at}gmail{dot}com.
  • Stories are due by Tuesday, December 24th.
  • The story must be about the characters in P&P-- any characters you like-- and may take place within the scope of the story-- i.e., as if it were a scene Jane Austen left out or forgot to include. *Miss Marianne washes Miss Dashwood's mouth out with soap*  Or, if you prefer, it can be a sort of sequel to the book, taking place after the book's events have ended.
  • The story must be true to Jane Austen's original novel and if it takes place within the story arc, must not tamper with the events of the novel.  If it is a sequel-ish sort, it must not take too many liberties with "what happened next." Be reasonable and respectful to the Almighty Authoress and her work.
  • The story must be Christmas-themed and must take place at Christmastime (any time during the month of December is fine).  
  • The story must be historically accurate (to the best of your ability) and should contain Regency-era dialogue between characters (no modernization, please!).
  • And, of course, the story must be clean and family-friendly.
You have a maximum of two weeks to write your story, as all stories are due Christmas Eve to be considered for the contest.  Miss Marianne and I will read and judge each submitted story, and choose one winner (with possible runners-up) from the lot.  If none of the stories submitted are particularly meritorious, we reserve the right not to announce a winner, blah blah blah.  The winning story will be announced on Monday, December 30th and published here at the Club for all to enjoy.  (So by submitting your story, you are agreeing to allow it to be published on this blog.)  There will be no other games until January 6, as the holiday season is rather busy for both Dashwood sisters.  :D

Looking forward to your entries!


Anonymous said...

Who won the last game? (Double caption challenge)

Anonymous said...

Who won the last game?

Miss Marianne said...

We're trying to get to that... it's been unbelievably busy. Sorry that the post is late-- we usually try to stay on top of things. The contest got lost in the shuffle a little, I think... there weren't very many entries.

Anonymous said...

Dear both of you,
I'm Naomi Pitts and I entered the contest (story one) and I wonder if you got my email?
If not, please email me: jameseliane@yahoo.com
I'm fourteen, a Christian, devoted P&P95 fan, second of nine (homeschooling family) and I adore writing.
Please contact me because I'm really not sure whether you got my email.
Love, Naomi

Naomi said...

I hope you received it now :)