Saturday, June 22, 2013

Match the Wrong Actor - Answers

1. Judi Dench - Lady Catherine de Bough (2005)

2. Maureen O'Sullivan - Jane Bennet (1940)

Ha... this is not a high-quality photo but the expression was so
un-Jane-ish that it diverted me excessively and I had to use it

3. Melville Cooper - Mr. Collins (1940)

4. Osmund Bullock - Mr. Bingley (1980)

5. Brenda Blethyn - Mrs. Bennet (2005)

6. David Rintoul - Mr. Darcy (1980)

7. Laurence Olivier - Mr. Darcy (1940)

8. Carey Mulligan - Kitty Bennet (2005)

9. Sabina Franklyn - Jane Bennet (1980)

10. Tom Hollander - Mr. Collins (2005)

BONUS:  What connexion does the humanist satirist Aldous Huxley have with Pride and Prejudice?
ANSWER: He co-wrote the screenplay! Rather shocking, that.  I never would have suspected... but then I haven't yet seen the entire 1940 film so perhaps I'll have to do so and see if I can spot any weirdness or science fiction references in the dialogue.

And our winner is... Miss Jane Bennet with 25 points!  How fitting!  Miss Laurie merits honorable mention as well because she earned twenty points by correctly guessing all the actors' names and films (neglecting only to correctly answer the bonus question).  Thanks for playing, everyone!  Check back Monday for more fun!


Holly said...

Oh wow, those actors are all so disgusting and horrible, trying to be the beloved characters of Pride & Prejudice that only '95 can match!
Especially the ones of Mr. Darcy...and Jane...ew!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

I agree...there's a reason why my profile picture isn't Maureen O'Sullivan. ;)
...Although that is a funny picture. ;)