Wednesday, October 24, 2012

P&P Dance Instructions: The Touchstone

Note: These notations have not been tested out by us and everything below is exactly as can be downloaded on this web page.

Longways for Three Couples
A1 1-8 First couple cross through the second couple and dance a hey on the opposite side.
A2 1-8 First couple cross back and dance a hey on own side.
B1 1-8 Circle six left and right.
B2 1-4 First couple lead down through the third couple,
cast to middle place, second couple move up.
5-8 First couple lead up through the second couple,
cast to bottom, third couple move up.

See also The Apted book, dance No. 18, which has an alternative interpretation.
The original was a triple longways dance, A three couple set format was
introduced by the publication of The Apted book in 1931.
The above three couple version is based on the original.

The Touchstone Thompson 1773

Hey contrary sides,
Then the same on your own sides
Hands 6 quite round
Lead thro 3rd Cu. and cast up one,
Lead thro’ the top & cast off

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